Vice City Traffic Paths 0.2


When you enter the area where the cars are supposed to spawn, make a waypoint around where you are standing. If you don't, the cars will not spawn. I don't know why this happens, but I will try to fix it!
Sorry for me not uploading this version sooner, my brother came in from the army and I wanted to spend as much time as I could with him, I was actually in the middle of working on this when he walked in! I didn't expect to see him here for a while from now, but here he is!

These traffic paths add lots of cars and even lots of gang members if you have the gang mod!

I may be able to make Navigation Paths for the pedestrians to walk around, but that will have to come after I add paths for the city.

I added the Vice City map mod by GTARandom which I do not own or take credit for, I just made it easier to install, because his original OIV file broke my game along with others.

I also added a map editor file that includes teleportation, and peds and parked vehicles, until I can make the navigation paths.

I've added a teleportation system through map editor that takes you exactly to the location of the paths! Just drive to the air port once you load it!

Installation included in the read me.

You will need an updated map editor for the peds and parked cars. And the teleporter to take you to the location.

I recommend that u download the gang mod by JediJosh920:
this will spawn gangs in cars that will attack u when they do a drive by. This makes the area more chaotic and fun especially with the police too!

This also works great with LSPDFR!


0.2 - A lot of cars and more paths for them to drive on.

0.1 - Added traffic paths

Future Plans:

Finish more paths for more roads and areas

Add pedestrian navigation paths

Make the sheriff police cars spawn in different areas of Vice City

Fix the GPS having to be enabled for traffic to spawn

Fix traffic pile ups

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