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    @MoistOwlets I have the same problem, in the x350ce tool everything seems to work, I can set my Taranis just fine, but when I launch the game, the radio is not recognized, only gamepad and keyboard.
    Anyone have a fix for this?

    16 de septiembre de 2018
  • F82ba0 avatar

    Hi, I just installed this trainer and I already have a problem. I don't know what happen, I click on Reset Settings in the trainer menu, and everything crashed, and now when I load the game I find my character outside the map and nothing works, I cannot access to any menu, nothing moves, I don't know what to do. If I delete the trainer files, the games works normally, and if I copy it back, same story, the character is outside the map and everything is frozen. How can I reset completely the settings like it was the first time I installed it? Is there a windows registry or a file that I have to delete?

    12 de septiembre de 2018