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    Somebody tell me when this is going to be updated.
    And does the producer know that it needs to be updated?

    25 de julio de 2021
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    @Zemanez, I really wait your update. I hope update this tool as soon as possible.

    25 de julio de 2021
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    I was using the enhanced native trainer well. However, when I suddenly run my gta5 from someday, enhancednativetrainer.asi (0x00007ffef7a3be10), id 39 message appears along with a scripthookV pop-up notification.
    When I looked up, there was an ent-log notepad file in the Enhanced Native Trainer folder, and the contents were listed below in chronological order.
    DB closing
    DB closed
    DB shutdown
    Database killed
    ScriptTidyUp done

    How can I fix this phenomenon?
    The only file being used with the trainer is addon spawner, and the same phenomenon is repeated even if I delete addon spawner and use only ENT.
    Other trainers work without problems, but only ENT does not work for the same reason.

    10 de marzo de 2021
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    I hope that the functionality will be included in the next update.
    I always appreciate your hard work.

    24 de diciembre de 2018
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    Does this 40 update include the ability to change the colour of the xenon headlights on the vehicle?

    23 de diciembre de 2018
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    I can't wait to release it.

    22 de diciembre de 2018
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    I'm waiting for your perfect file. I'm waiting calmly, but I'm so curious when it's coming out. Can you tell me how long it takes to modify the file?

    18 de diciembre de 2018