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    @sezbulent Hello, Man! Please tell me the following: unfortunately, any version of this mod does not work at all. The old version from LCBufallo worked flawlessly, but yours doesn't want to at all. Just nothing happens after clicking on T.
    .NET Framework 4.8 is not installed, as there is a later version. ScriptHook and Script Hook V Dot Net installed. Can you please tell me what could be the reason for the mod not working?

    14 de abril de 2022
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    @ikt I love your mod. Thank you for the upload and all the hard work!
    I have one question: Is there an option to change the LOOK_RIGHT and LEFT angles?
    I assign these options on my wheel's D-pad but it turns 90 degrees, which is too much when I just want to look in both directions at a crossroad and I couldn't figure out how can I changes these angles.
    Could you help me plz? Thanks
    (User Balaz ask this questions, but no reply founded. Hope, you know the solution)

    29 de enero de 2021