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    @ikt I don't actually see my issue among them. Their issue is that force feedback isn't working at all? I had that and restarted and it fixed itself, so force feedback is working great however the wheel never fully returns to center as it would when driving irl.

    I'll test with the new .asi you provided above.

    14 de junio de 2021
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    Hi love the mod, one thing I can't seem to fix is my g29 won't auto center while in GTA5 despite the setting in G-HUB to allow for "Centering spring in non force feedback games". Is this a known issue or anything I can try? Thanks.

    13 de junio de 2021
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    > 7. go to \x64c.rpf\anim\ingame\clip_combat@.rpf\ and delete the file "combat@death@from_writhe"

    I don't have this x64c.rpf, what have I done wrong please? :(

    9 de junio de 2021