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    @FireFoxNEW Can I include your launcher in my launcher that I am making? I gave credit and made it cleat that I didn't create the Priority Launcher. I can even send you over the rar file for you to preview.

    9 de enero de 2019
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    @meimeiriver What are you talking about? It works as far as I can tell flawlessly. I meet all minimum specs accept my CPU, base speed 2.20GHz. Before using this my game would stutter after 15 minutes of play, now it doesn't at all. I have no problems opening and after closing it only takes a minute or two to get things running again.

    Props to the dev for this, and don't listen to fools like this guy. He must be trying to use his PC for something else other than GTA while running this. Which anyone with a brain would know that's not going to work too well.

    31 de diciembre de 2018