中国ZFB05式装甲防暴车 武警版 1.0版



中国ZFB05式装甲防暴车 武警版
ZFB-05装甲防暴车,是一款5吨级的轻型轮式装甲车,主要用于出口。填补了中国这一吨级装甲车型的空白。 ZFB05是由中国第一家进军军事装备生产的民营企业—陕西宝鸡专用汽车有限公司研制,防护方面,基本达到了国际防暴车标准—德国DIN52290标准中第4级甚至第5级防护。加强了对探身操作机枪的射手保护,防护级别比中国大多数主战坦克对高射机枪射手的保护还要高。
The ZFB-05 armored riot car is a 5 ton light wheeled armored vehicle, which is mainly used for export. It fills the gap of China's tonnage armored vehicle. ZFB05 is the first private enterprise to enter military equipment production in China - Shaanxi Baoji Special Automobile Co., Ltd. development, protection, basically reached the international riot car standard - German DIN52290 standard fourth or fifth level protection. It strengthened the shooters protection of the machine gun, and the protection level was higher than that of most Chinese main battle tanks against the anti-aircraft machine gunner.
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