A True Boss Hollywood Mansion (Franklin safehouse & Car Port) 5.0


I always Felt something was missing from Franklin's house when I reached that part of the game. It did not feel lived in nor did it feel like a Home. This mod aims to change that. It gives you a reason to explore/use each room and has character and story. This mod resembles that of a successful money maker (Boss).
The main reason for this update is for the new car port.(and got bored of other games again) Feel free to remove the pre-set vehicles and add your own.
-Added Carport "Toy Box" (Contains most bikes in base game)
-Proper placement of lights
-Tweaked many locations of objects
-New way to access roof (more realistic)
-Removed excessive lighting and objects.
-Grow show re-worked.
-Removed the 4 NPC's in conference room. (as per request)
-A dark Secret of Franks. (Somewhere in the front'ish yard, just for the lulz)

-Upgraded the clutter added new items
-Made the roof area more realistic and added proper helipad.
-Removed pointless peds and hidden unseen clutter.
-Fixed a few lighting issues
-Made room for 2 vehicles in garage

-Polished up clutter and objects
-Added Conference Room. (Heists planning room)
-New Observatory and Patio
--Added even more to the roof area..
-Moved a couple Peds around and corrected Idles

-Polished up clutter and objects.
-Added more to the roof area.
-Added Grow Show (behind the garage)
-Added peds (Franklin s crew in the kitchen, also some ladies around)
-Major tweaking to add life to the whole house.
-Do not forget to look behind the garage(its also how you get up to the roof)
-Recommendations are welcome

Map Editor (Those with troubles getting map editor working see below)
1. Download this file here:
2. Copy and paste all files to your GTA V directory.
3. Download this file here:
4. Copy and paste all files to your GTA V directory.
5. Download Map Editor:
6. Copy all files into "scripts" folder.
Note: You also need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015 for all this to work.


Method 1: You can automatically load maps by creating a directory in the scripts folder named "AutoloadMaps". Any file ending with the .xml or .ini extension will be loaded on game-start, if they are entered into this folder!(so you can drop the "Boss40" file here or)

Method 2: You can load and save your maps as XML files or as object.ini files. When selecting load or save from the main menu of the map editor, you will be prompted to enter a filename (the file-name for this mod is "Boss40")Drop the "Boss40" file from this download to your root directory to load it manually.

In other words : After Drag n dropping the file form this download in the root directory start game and Press F7, then press "load map", then press XML file, then type "Boss30" in the mesg window! Enjoy!

P.S. there was a couple objects I could not remove ounce placed so I was forced to cover them up with another object (in case you spotted it in game)

Future plans: There will be a party version in the near future with many peds and fun animations/activities going on. Also plan to "Boss" out Michaels House in a whole diff mod.

Big Thanks to Rockstar of course
Bigger thanks to Guadmaz for enabling our creativity with such a great tool!
Biggest thanks to everyone who was involved in making all the little tools to make this work! and wow does it work! lol

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