Automotive Dyno Shop "62" 1


((This is my last map mod it's also bit old because the other map did not reached 300 downloads or close to it... and i finished this one long time ago i upload it now due to needed space on my hard drive.

I lost the touch of creating more maps i had fun making it but Toothless Freddy made me spoil my fun with his "RACE" to be the best map builder or whatever or simple word you can call him, = a narcissist))

So this is my last one enjoy.

This is a extend version of automotive gallery "62"

I Made a dyno shop for cars and bike's enjoy your new building in gta.

.ymap (suported) - added

Not Suported for FiveM.

I spend 2 days on creating this showroom.

object's : 377+ (no dups)
cars/bikes: 5
peds: 13

(Download links ar also in the file)

Map Builder IV
Updated Object List+ 10k version one
Object Spawn Unlocker (Not Required)
ScriptHookV -
scripthookV NET

Copy dynoshop.xml file from the .zip to the root folder of the game, or to the Auto load Map folder that is in the scripts folder.

1 - Extract the downloaded file.
2 - Copy dynoshop.xml to the root folder of Gta 5.
3 - Open map editor in game usually by pressing f7 or R3 + LB (controller)
4 - Click on load a map.
5 - Pick the file location.
6 - Search for the map name (dynoshop) and load it in-game. (depends on your pc on loading time should be less then 1 or 2 minute's.)

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