Construction Sites & scenarios v7


this is my first modded map creation. in this map you will find natural occurring things on you roadways to amp up the realism

If you want me to work harder for more maps like this you can always donate
more screenshots in file when downloaded

v 1. created landslide near mount gordo tunnel & logging accident near chiliad mountain state wilderness

v 1.1. added map of locations

v 2. created crane work near little seoil and wrecked car clean-up near the stadium

v 3 added another landslide to los Santos freeway & road work in the port of los Santos & and I updated the map more with a table of context on the bottom right. and all locations color coated

v3.5. took screenshots of construction3 sites and now added a folder of them in the file. updated map. and added a drug bust map for some more fun (thanks to the girlfriend for the idea!!)

v3.5-2 added store on fire map for a great fire scene
(agian thanks to the girlfriend for the idea!!)

v 4. created 2 work sites in los santos dealing with los santos water company

v 4.1 added map locations of construction4 sites

v 4.5 added map of a crashed heli. {with news taking photos for realism}

v 4.5-2 added car crash near the beginning of the great ocean highway

v 5. added 2 new construction sites (screenshots will be added tomorrow)

v 6. added all 6 construction (final work on thos)

v 7. also added a "jumper up" on the bridge
also add is mini scenes (didnt add locations of any cause theres about 10 all over map)
also added toll booths separating north & south los santos (locations on map)


Put all ".xmls" in your GTA directory.

Download the newest version of Map Editor by Guadmaz.

When you get it working, go to "load map"

Type in what ever ".xmls" you would like and your done

don't be near the sites as their loading in this may cause issues!
!!!Do not reupload this mod without my permission!!!
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