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Thanks for downloading Michael's New Garage By REYMEXzone

Michael was a little bit annoyed because he have no enough space to store his vehicles, so he hired some workers to build a big garage,
Amanda said it was stupid to build something so big, It would ruin the view of the house. But who cares what people thinks, It's Vinewood, baby!

* You can use the garage as a property, with Single Player Garage (SPG) by mlgthatsme.
* Two sections so you can store 20 vehicles by using the SPG Mod (Or any vehicles you want with Persistance Mod [.NET] by I'm Not MentaL).



* Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 x64
* Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
* Script Hook By: Alexander Blade
* Community Script Hook V .NET By: crosire
* Map Editor By: Guadmaz
* Map Builder By: OmegaKingMods

--Extras (optional):

*SPG Mod if you want the garage as another property:
Single Player Garage (SPG) By: mlgthatsme
*Persistance Mod if you just want the garage:
I'm Not MentaL's Persistance Mod [.NET] By: I'm Not MentaL


first you MUST have MapEditor installed. Map Builder too, otherwise some props will be missing.
Follow their instructions (Im using Map Builder 3.1.5, download it from here: (

**If you want the garage with the SPG Mod:

1. In order to load the garage on startup, copy the "Michael Garage 1" (.xml) file to GTA V/Scripts/AutoloadMaps (If it doesn´t exist, create it).
If you want to load the map manually just copy the file to yor GTA V Main directory and use Map Editor in order to load it.

2. Copy the folders "michael_garage" and "michael_garage_2" to GTA V/Scripts/SinglePlayerGarage.

3. Open your game and enjoy :), if you installed correctly the SPG Mod and you followed the instructions you will see two icons beside Michael's house, one for each section.

**If you just want to load the map:

1. To load the garage on startup copy the "Michael garage 1" (.xml) file to GTA V/Scripts/AutoloadMaps (If it doesn´t exist, create it).
If you want to load the map manually just copy the file to yor GTA V Main directory and use Map Editor to load it.

2. if you want to store any vehicles you like, use "Persistence Mod" so you can park the cars and when you come back they will still there.


Known bugs:
* Sometimes the purchase signs don't show up, just go away and come back or restart the game.


---If the mod doesn't work for you here are some reasons:
*You have no installed correctly "map builder" if you don't have it, some props of the map will not charge.

*If you chose the spg mod, and the garage doesn't work as a property, check the single player garage mod, it works even it has been discontinued, but sometimes doesn't work, so delate the files and paste it again.
*The same problem with map editor, sometimes it doesnt work at first, i dont know why.
*I discovered something, some antivirus (AVG in my case) conflict with files like the scripthook V.NET and Map builder, check that your antivirus protection is disabled or add an exception to GTA V folder, if you follow map builder instructions and my advice about antivirus, you will able to see the missing props

Amanda is still angry because of the garage, so sometimes she parks her car in front of the entrance :(

-- Let me know if you have issues or doubts with the installation or if you find bugs.

--Do not upload these files on any other site, but you are welcome to share the link. I also appreciate your comments in the section below.

Create maps for this game is kind of complicated and takes a lot to finish it, so if you like my work, I would really appreciate if you like the mod and donate to my paypal account that you can find it below my Nickname.
Enjoy the map and have fun :)


I`m not a native english speaker, so sorry if my english is not perfect :)

*RockstarGames, Rockstar North, Take-Two Interactive
*Alexander Blade and his mod "Script Hook V"
*crosire and his mod "Community Script Hook V .NET"
*Guadmaz and his mod "Map Editor"
*OmegaKingMods and his mod "Map Builder"
*I`m Not MentaL and his mod "Persistance Mod [.NET]"
*mlgthatsme and his mod "Single Player Garage"
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