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Hello, this is my first map mod. Turned Mirror Park into a Garden filled with trees and vegetation inspired by Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Toyko. Around 1100 props used in this map. There are two versions of the map: SJ_Gyoen has no gates while SJ_Gyoen2 has gates surrounding the entire park. Be sure to check this map out at night as well :)


You must have the following installed:

- Map editor 2.9 by Guadmaz
- Object Spawn Unlocker 1.1 by GTAMultiplayer Team
- ScriptHookVdotNet v2.7
- ScriptHookV (Alexander Blade)
- 10k Object List

1. Move the SJ_Gyoen.xml (or SJ_Gyoen2.xml) file to the root directory of GTA V
2. Open up the map editor and load SJ_Gyoen.xml or SJ_Gyoen2.xml

UNINSTALL: Simply remove the .xml file from the GTA V folder


This is a map mod that turns Mirror Park into a garden filled with trees and vegetation totaling around 900-1000 props. The design of the park is inspired by several areas of the Shinjuku National Garden in Tokyo (ty Google maps). There are four sections divided within the park that consists of a garden pond area,semi-french garden (the statue of the angel), Cherry Blossom path, and the Tall Trees. I made two slightly different versions: the first one is open and the second one (more enhanced version) includes surrounding gates (aka closed version)

This project took around 240 hours to complete (a week and a half) so yea this took a lot of time to make. Be sure to experience this map at night as it becomes more mesmerizing in certain areas.

Note: I could work on it more to further enhance it but I started suffering texture glitches around 1300+ props :(

If you like to further enhance it, please be sure to credit me as the original creator.

Other notes:

- If you want to record footage without crashing in the editor, just select 'new map' after recording and then enter Rockstar editor.

- I have been experiencing trees that disappear out of frame in the editor. I don't know if that's an issue with the map or something hardware related. Let me know so I can try to find a fix for it later.

- Cops tend to get dumbo when fighting against 5 stars in the second version of this map (due to the gates blocking them).Some will be able to enter and some will not. If you want, you can try to delete some gates or simply use the first version of the map.
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