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Hello, hereby I present to you Riverview, there are now five beautiful villas along the Zancudo river, they have all been designed with great care. There also is a small fisherman's house to experience the outside feeling and at the end of the river is a dining cafe. The ymap version now has an extra interior map so that the houses have even more interior and details. The ymap version now has almost 4000 props and that is reflected in better floors, more stuff for the interior, more rooms and better lighting. The area is now also cast in a forest rich environment. There is also a Map Editor version available with peds but it only has 2048 props. Have fun with it!

Latest version of Map Editor 2.15 by Guad & Oldnapalm
[read the requirements of this mod to get it working]

OmegaKingMods Map Builder

You can use the latest free version of MBIV Redux (4.1), it loads most of the props for my maps.
Don't forget to add the line for Map Builder into your dlclist!

If you really want to load the original props of the maps then choose for the older Map Builder Community 1.04 SP
Don't forget to add the line for Map Builder into your dlclist!

If the game crashes on loading screen then use a custom gameconfig. The latest Map Builder will probably provide you also with a gameconfig if you install the latest version with the OIV Package file. Here are some other gameconfigs you can probably use to run GTA5 with mods.

Gameconfig (1.0.28..) for Limitless Vehicles V30

Gameconfig Tuners Update by Dilapidated

An Objectlist that contains the Map Builder Community 1.04 SP, Biker and Import & Export Props, Special Races, Gunrunning, Smugglers Run, Doomsday Heist, After Hours, Arena Wars & Casino Diamond DLC props. [one is added in the download]

Object Spawn Unlocker 1.1 to get more objects.
If you use Menyoo you don't need this.

Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter 1.0.4
To work with ymaps.

Sitting Mod by Jedijosh920 or use
Changes 1.1

I saw a prop at a location where it did not belong and replace it with a fence where it was necessary.

Changes 1.2.1

I made a second ymap with more details and with more interior for the 6 houses on the Zancudo river, the houses have now more rooms and scenery [ymap only]. The cafe/restaurant has also received a substantial update. The area is now located in a wooded area. Fixed some bugs with tree heights.

Changes 1.3.1

All villa's have now new paintings & items from the Diamond Casino DLC. The carpet in a bedroom has now been laid correctly and a towel has been moved in the right place. This is only for the ymap interior 1.3.1 version so no Map Editor changes.
Extra Information

Because this double ymap contains so many items, I also noticed that almost no more peds are spawning, I guess it's a memory problem. I have created a rv life map that you can load up with Map Editor. Some objects are dynamic so you can push some objects around.

This map was build with Map Builder Community 1.04 SP
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