Alternate handbrake control for ikt's Manual Transmission


Changes the handbrake control for the XBOX 360 controller for better drifts while shifting through the gears.
New commands:
Press B on the controller for handbrake, RB for ducking, and pressing the right stick for cinematic view.
So using ikt's stock control mapping, LeftThumbDown would be clutch, X is downshift, A is upshift, and B is handbrake, while RB is ducking. This makes the controls feel a bit more similar to other racing games, since using RB for handbrake just don't feel right to me.
* found a small bug in the mission where you have to retrieve the janitor uniform by waiting to check license plate numbers, the game indicates to use R3 to zoom at plates, but it doesn't work for some reason, so just use your keyboard and press R to check the plates. Otherwise, the button swap works like the vanilla B button for the cinematic cam.
Use OpenIV, and drag the files from the archive to this directory:
Also, make sure that alternate handbrake is on for the in-game settings
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