Improved Explosions, Teargas, Flare, Water Hydrant And More 1.1


This Mod Uses "explosion.ymt."

Version 1.2 is currently being creating. It'll take a while. Sorry. Not sure when I will be done. Any questions please comment below! The mod is not dead yet!

*What will be included in Version 1.2*
- Modded DLC Explosions. Snowball, Railgun, Valkyrie Cannon, Proxmine, Firework Launcher, Xero Blimp.
-Added optional levels of power for all explosion. Normal and Insane.
-Also added the option for Explosion wall/ground penetration which you can remove it if you don't like it.
-You can choose your desired effect for the Explosive Bullet and Explosive Melee cheat.
-Super Railgun...
-More features could be added!

I will upload better pictures! These suck.

Are you tired of the same boring dull explosions of GTAV? Do you think they are too small and weak? Do you hate the teargas because its very under-powered? Its weak and lasts for like 10 seconds. Hate how the flare is just another useless weapon? Do you think the explosions for the gas stations, gas tanks, blimps and helicopters are too small and weak? Well this mod might be for you!

• Added the ablity for explosions to be less effective at a distance like Gta 4.
• For teargas, bzgas, and flare. Damage has been added and Damage radius increased.
• Bzgas traps victims so whoever is in the radius of the BZGAS will likely die in a few seconds(2-8 seconds i think).
• Water hydrant throws you higher and duration of the water has been increased.
• Increased damage radius on ALL explosions!(35exps)
• Most explosions now penetrate through walls!

In update 1.1

• **Explosions are very strong at the center and weak at the edge (Just like GTA 4). Explosions are now bigger, and look better.**
• **Enable the explosive bullets and melee cheat and have fun! Improved bullet and melee explosion which can make your enemies fly all over the place.**
• Improved Bzgas, teargas. Extended the radius and increased damage, made effect last longer and added more smoke On both Bzgas and teargas.
• Flare is now more effective, Higher damage, increased burn damage and radius, effect lasts longer.
• Water hydrant can lift cars and people into the air. Added some damage. Water now travels very high upwards. Increased duration of water hydrant.
• Gas pumps, tankers, and gas tanks are extremely dangerous. These Explosions are very large. Increased blast radius.
• The Atomic Blimp explosion is now larger. Stay away when one is falling off the sky. I will mod the other blimp explosion in the next update.
• Grenade and Stickybomb explosions are more effective.
• Increased the effect radius and added force on the molotov explosion.
• Improved tankshell damage and blast radius.
• Plane and Helicopter explosions are now larger and can cause other vehicles nearby to explode. Be careful when you shoot one down.
• Most explosions penetrate through walls, floors, and buildings.
• Every explosion has been modified in order to make it look better and brighter.
There are mods that only let you edit the explosion visual effects but this mod lets you edit the damage, blast radius, force and speed of the main explosions(All 35 exps).

-Several explosions tend to cause no damage or force. Ex. Blimp and Plane. Will be fixed in next update.

*****TO INSTALL*****

Use OpenIV. Go to update/update.rpf/x64/data/metadata and replace the "explosion.ymt" file with the one in the download.

Go to update/update.rpf/common/data/effects and replace the "explosionfx.dat" file with the one in the download.

And That's it!

Have fun!


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