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This override config sets the engine braking threshold to minimum giving a feeling somewhat near actual regen braking. Regen braking is done in real life by charging the batteries using the car motors as generators

Lift-off oversteer is so easy to achieve in Voltic!
Voltic is RWD, so rear wheels will resist turning, which in result will make the rear spin out. Don't let go of the throttle if not going straight or press clutch to override regen braking and coast.

The braking force decreases with the kW("rpm") gauge!
It's because it uses the script's engine braking, which is programmed to resemble combustion engine braking, not EV regen braking. I tried tweaking the automatic shifts so it downshifts to keep the gauge as high as possible, but had no luck.

Surge's braking is weird!
Surge handles like shit in general, I made this mostly thinking about Voltic.

It can''t bring the car to a full halt, it will stop decelerating at somewhere below 10 mph!
I know, nothing I can do there, it's because combustion engine braking doesn't apply at idle rpm, which the car goes in at that speed.

0. Make sure you have Manual Transmission installed
1. Drop the .ini file into ManualTransmission/Vehicles in game directory.
2. Turn on overrides in mod's config menu.
3. Get used to how Voltic drives now.
4. Enjoy it.

Feel free to tweak the script to your liking, but DO NOT reupload it, verbatim or tweaked and claim it as yours. If you find better values, feel free to leave them down in comments. If they're good, I can put them in and credit you.
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