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Today I am presenting a Federal Signal 80K!. It features a Wail, Yelp, Manual and Horn tone. The manual tone loops after a couple seconds of silence, and it's basically designed for the user to put on (for the length of the tone itself or not) then switch off (or swap to another tone) Manual only works for the Siren Mastery version. Full install instructions are included for both the Siren Mastery and traditional install methods. Unfortunately due to the vehicles.awc limit being 15.7mb I had to remove '0x17E9AF5D' which is a train passing sound. This will only affect you if you are using the traditional method of install. Siren Mastery only method will not mute this sound. I did try to compress the siren as much as I could without compromising quality, but I couldn't push it below the limit without having the siren sound like total ass. You've probably never heard the sound I muted in-game before and won't notice it's gone.

You can check out the tones (excluding wail as it's an ELS preview) in the video!

Whats New in 1.0.1
Added non Siren Mastery version
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