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Glowing Palms Trees is a mod that transforms palm trees into stunningly beautiful, glowing trees. To create this mod, I used dozens of real-life pictures as references, and the result is high-quality lighting and a visual overhaul of the palm trees. Check out the features of Glowing Palms Trees 2.0:

Added high-quality LED lights with different colors (Red, Blue, Pink, White).
High-quality volumetric lighting and LED balls to enhance the lights.
RGB lighting.
Glowing Palms Trees 3.0 offers even more features:

Tons of HQ RGB lighting packs (Blue, Cyan, Green + Gold, Pink, Red, White).
Added new palm lighting models with improved HQ volumetric lighting.
Explore more glowing palms around the world and choose your desired color!
Included two different imaginative colors.
Added perfectional volumetric lighting visible in different weathers, such as foggy, rainy, snowy, Blizzard, clearing, and stormy.
Reflection of lights can be seen more visibly in rainy weather.
To install the mod, make sure to create a backup of two main files: "v_palm.rpf" and "v_fanpalm.rpf." Then, use OpenIV and click the "Open Package Installer" icon or choose "Tools" and click "Package Installer." Please install the mod only in the MODS folder. You can easily uninstall it by choosing the backup file.

For FIVEM installation, copy/paste the .rpf file(s) into FiveM\\mods.

If you enjoy my work, please support me on Patreon to continue my modding journey, and join my Discord community
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