Less Fog with New Underwater Experience & More v2.0


This is continuation to my first Less Fog mod

***This is no visual overhaul, only adjustment of things i care for...I also use Reshade only for sharpening

---Fog is decreased in most weathers except Foggy, and Thunder, but decreased only by lowering intensity and start of fog is pushed further on some weathers.
---Underwater included with this has some changes in deep water and fixes for transitions to rivers and canals.
---Removed black DISTANT MOUNTAINS, now view from any distance or height has lighting on all mountains. Few very foggy weathers don't have it, didn't need it.
---Removed special lighting treatment for each character and forest.
---Increased direct sun lighting intensity for afternoons and mornings only for bright sunny weather types.
---More color saturation for Extra Sunny and Clear, Extra Sunny has brighter sky at noon and less blue in fog
---All nights are darker, most at midnight, but not pitch black, it will be different for everyone, due to different monitor and Reshade settings.
---Sea waves are adjusted for variety. Very small waves in Extra Sunny gradually set bigger through Clear and all weathers to Thunder which has waves slightly bigger.
---Rain wetness dries slower, i never liked how wet disappears on front of my eyes.
---Vehicle light on roads has much further distant view now. ----------COPY values of "distantlights.carlight.nearFade and distantlights.carlight.farFade" from my visualsettings file to customize your own.---------

---There are some other things removed, like 1st person glasses and helmets shading, all DOFs and Vignettes, maybe even CA. There is also removed interior darkening on Aircraft Carrier, which i would like to remove for all interiors including Yacht, just didn't found it yet.

---SOUND mod -not included- due to large 2 GB size, but i can upload it if necessary...Is removing ALL action music, while flying, or while in wanted level, etc. I want every other music, in cars, from buildings, but this action music always reminds me that i play just game, couldn't stand it...
...Go to x64\audio\sfx\INTERACTIVE_MUSIC.rpf and simply rename all audio files. I just added to all of them "NO" on front of names to easy see what has been done if i wanna reverse it one day.

Thats maybe all, i don't have much time for modding so i'm not sure if i missed something from long time ago.

-all timecycle files....update\update.rpf\common\data\timecycle
-visualsettings....update\update.rpf\common\data....or copy above explained values to your own file.

Make backups as you need first!!!
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