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This mod allows online cars to spawn naturally in traffic accordingly to their nature (off-road cars spawn in the desert, expensive cars spawn in downtown, etc....).
Really, it is not actually a mod, it's just a small file edit, anyone can do it, it's just so tedious and boring to do.

GTA Online version 1.68 installed is highly recommended

Bugs and features:
After a cold start of the game, it can take a couple of seconds to see appearing the new cars, just drive around the block and they will show up in no time.
Also, if the player stays long enough in an area, the game will start to spawn a lot of the same vehicles again and again, my file doesn't edit anything else other than which cars spawn in which area. Rockstar stores those kind of parameters in files called "vehicles.meta" and "vehiclemodelsets.meta".
To alleviate this little problem, I recommend editing the file "settings.xml" found in "Documents > Rockstar Games > GTA V" and change the value of "VehicleVarietyMultiplier" from 1.0 to 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5, note that changing this value will slightly increase the video memory usage of the game.

Installation :
ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR FILES BEFORE REPLACING. You'll need OpenIV, copy ""popgroups.ymt"" found in the archive to your ""Grand Theft Auto V > mods > update > update.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5"" directory, and replace the original file.

  1. Some online cars will spawn with the same color (mostly black or some weird color), Rockstar configures those cars in only one color as they are not supposed to be spawned around the city (you can only buy them). For this, I highly recommend Skysder's updated mod colors .
  2. The archive contains a file in which there is a list of the cars added and their category, the vehicles excluded are: all vehicles with unrealistic and over the top abilities, all movie based cars and the 4 vehicles owned by the protagonists.
  3. If the cars despawn when you get close to them, download sjaak327 Simple Trainer and the problem should disappear.

0.4 :
Updated to latest version of the game (1.68 December 2023) and added the new vehicles.

0.3 :
Updated to latest version of the game and added the new vehicles.
Other changes, nothing big.

0.2 :
Added motorbikes.
Quick changes here and there.
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