[outdated] Radio Station Pack - Liberty Rock Radio, V-ROCK, Radio X, K-DST, K-ROSE, L.C.H.C and Tuff Gong 1.2


You have always felt that the GTA 5 soundtrack was somewhat underwhelming, especially in the rock/metal department? Then look no further. This multipack brings the best (in my humble opinion) radio stations the series has had.

The stations have not only all the songs but also jingles, monologues, dialogues, ads, news etc. So they beat the good ol' Self Radio by feeling like an actual station and not just a mp3-player (and it doesn't rape the CPU). The audio files are directly imported from game files, no crappy Youtube downloads. And of course the volume has been adjusted to be just as loud as the other standard stations.

Why a pack and not just one by one you might ask. Well, doing them seperately would be too complex if you wanted to combine 2 or more stations because they all share the same textfile. Besides, copying the whole 16gb "x64" folder for just 1 or 2 stations might not be worth it for some.

Before you start beware that you should install ALL the 7 stations. Technically you don't have to but your radio wheel will still have all the new logos and names even if you just install 1.

The following stations are getting replaced:

-Worldwide FM by Liberty Rock Radio
-FlyLo FM by K-DST
-The Lab by K-ROSE
-Blonded by V-ROCK
-LSUR by Radio X
-Soulwax FM by LCHC
-East Los FM by Tuff Gong

Liberty Rock Radio has all The Lost and Damned songs and 6 from GTA IV. LCHC has only GTA IV songs.


-To unlock LSUR you need either the
Simple Trainer or the
LSUR in SP Mod

-Copy of "x64" folder in your "Mods" folder (16,6 GB big!)

-Game's language set on English

Please read the installation guide for further instructions!

Update 1.2: Radio X has a text now and I made it a tiny bit louder.

Update 1.1: Forgot a small 10MB part, without it you're gonna hear 6 minutes of the original Worldwide FM. Sorry for the mistake.

Download size: 1,62 GB

Known Bugs/Issues:

- Worldwide FM (now Liberty Rock Radio) had one same artist as Radio Mirror
Park on multiple tracks (4-5 entries). I had to rename them all because
figuring out which is which would have been too time consuming. So Radio
Mirror Park will have the LRR slogan on 1 or 2 songs, hope you don't mind
(it's a trash station anyway let's be honest).

- Happens rather rarely but it can occur that a station suddenly starts to sound
"echoey" (no not overlapping songs). Switching away and back solves this

If you encounter any other issues please let me know.

Disclaimer: All songs are directly imported from legal copies of the original games and are compressed into the usual GTA 5 audio format. Therefore a distribution of licensed songs is neither given nor intended.

Have fun!
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