Realistic Emergency Lighting Overhaul for RDE 4.0


🌟 RDE 4.0 Ultimate Emergency Lighting Visual Overhaul 11/20/2023 🌟


Immerse yourself in a visually enhanced experience as I introduce a comprehensive overhaul of the emergency lighting system, featuring realistic flash patterns, brighter lights, headlight wig-wags, and authentic Whelen & Federal Signal Corps flash patterns to Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced for Grand Theft Auto V

While the lighting isn't 100% true to every detail, it comes remarkably close, offering you an experience that mirrors the dynamic and diverse emergency services present in Los Santos City, based on inspiration from it's real-life counterpart, Los Angeles.

🌟 What's New: Real-world Light Patterns and Packages 🌟

🔵 Authentic Light Patterns: Say goodbye to generic and unrealistic emergency lighting. I've meticulously recreated the light patterns used by emergency vehicles in the real world. Watch as your favorite units now exhibit accurate and visually stunning lighting sequences that reflect the quality of the Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced mod.

🔴 Say goodbye to dim and lackluster lighting. This overhaul introduces brighter and more impactful emergency lights, ensuring that every vehicle stands out in the virtual cityscape. Whether it's the brilliance of a police cruiser or the intensity of a ambulance, you'll be captivated by the heightened visibility.

🔵 Lore-Friendly: Witness the transformation of your favorite emergency vehicles as they now showcase a lighting setup that aligns with the distinct characteristics of Los Angeles emergency services. Although I strive for accuracy, we acknowledge that achieving 100% precision can be challenging. Nevertheless, this mod is a strikingly close representation that significantly enhances your gameplay.

🔴 Headlight Wig-Wags: Take your emergency lighting experience to the next level with the addition of headlight wig-wags. Watch as vehicles dynamically flash their headlights, adding an extra layer of realism to your encounters with emergency services in Los Santos.

🔵 Watch your virtual Los Santos come alive with emergency vehicles that mirror the vibrant and bustling streets of Los Angeles. The improved lighting not only adds a layer of realism to your gameplay but also contributes to the overall immersion of your virtual metropolis.

Upgrade your emergency services with the Realistic Emergency Lighting Overhaul for Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced. Dive into the action with a heightened sense of realism, where every siren, strobe, and flash contributes to an immersive and believable game world. Download now and elevate your emergency response experience to new heights!

Please note that this update is a work in progress. While there are still several vehicles left on our to-do list, the majority have already undergone the transformation. I encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.

🌟 Installation Instructions: 🌟


Ensure you have a clean, up-to-date installation of Grand Theft Auto V.

Step 1: Install Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced 4.0

Download Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced 4.0 from

Follow the installation instructions provided by the mod author.

Confirm that Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced 4.0 is working correctly in your GTA V game.

Step 2: Download Ultimate Emergency Lighting Visual Overhaul

Extract the downloaded file to a location of your choice.

Step 3: Install Ultimate Emergency Lighting Visual Overhaul

Open OpenIV and navigate to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\rde\dlc.rpf\

Drag & Drop carcols.meta from the "UltimateEmergencyLights" folder to the path above.

Step 4: Activate the game and respond code 3.

🌟 Credits: 🌟

Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced 4.0:

Original Files by RDE TEAM (

Ultimate Emergency Lighting Visual Overhaul for RDE 4.0 :

Tweaking by Gravelroadcop.

Your support and appreciation are truly valued! Enjoy the immersive world of enhanced emergency vehicle lighting in Los Santos. 🚓🚑🚒
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