Ultimax 100 with bipod - Prop

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Object Converted to GTA 5


The machinegun can be used on menyoo or codewalker as an object/prop.

How to install in FiveM:
- Open Codewalker
- Import the .ydr and the .ytyp
- spawn a new prop and name it "machinegun"
- place your machinegun prop where you want it to be
- save all files and put it into a stream folder
- now your have your machinegun ingame

How to install in SP:

- Open OpenIV
- Drag and drop files to addonprops DLC pack.
- Add the mod with the addonprops exe by using the following settings:
LodDist 0
Flags 0
S.A 0
propname: machinegun1
Textures Embedded

Get AddonsProp here:

Follow the instructions in the README file of the AddonProps mod if you are unsure.

For a more advanced guide on how to use addonprops, join our discord.

The mesh of this model is from:

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