WINTER IN GTA V ('All-in-One' OIV Packages) v1.0 1.0


WINTER IN GTA V ('All-in-One' OIV Packages) v1.0


This is a mod that transforms gta v into a wintry wonderland. This is not just another "snow" mod! This one brings you "All-In-One" features missing from other individual mods that are just centered into one specific feature. This mod includes the whole "kits 'n kaboodles"!! And when I say "All-In-One" I mean everything "winter" in one lump sum! In my mod you will get all the features that are supposed to be in a "Winter" mod and some, all in a convenient oiv packages. You'll get:
* Beautiful "Winter" scenes at loading screen (replaced the default ones with Winter pics)
* Realistic snow tracks from vehicles and footprints on snow. You'll see vehicles spraying off snow off the back wheels and your own footprints on the snow
* Visible Frost on about 50-60% of vehicle windshields (some newer and "add- on" vehicles will not show any frost on their windshields)
* Better enhancements on snow flakes (Bigger flakes, snowsquals. Better precipitation)
* Winter weather cycles ( For this feature you must install the "REALISTIC_WINTER_WEATHER_CYCLE.OIV")

* ScriptHookV v1.0.1493.1 (
* LUA Plugin for Script Hook V (
* Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (2015) (
* Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (2013) (


There are three oiv packages available and an "uninstall" oiv for each if you wish to uinstall a package and restore your files. Just install what you want. If you want to see snow constantly in game then install the two main "WINTER_INSTALLATION" oiv packages using OpenIV package installer (both must be installed together). If you want "Realistic" winter weather cycles then add and install the "REALISTIC_WINTER_WEATHER_CYCLE" oiv. Very simple. The reason there are two MAIN oiv packages is because one installs files in your 'mods' folder and the other one installs files in the main directory and 'scripts' folder. If you wish to uninstall an oiv package just use the two "UNINSTALL" oiv's included (both must be installed together in order to restore all your files back to normal).


"WINTER_INSTALLATION_1.oiv" (2x files):

These are the MAIN two oiv packages you need to install. Both must be installed together. With these two installed you will get snow most of the time with perhaps some short periods of lighter snow. The type of snow you'll get will depend on the default weather cycles of gta 5 so sometimes you'll get normal snow flakes and sometimes you'll get lighter snow or slow-falling snowsquals but, no realistic winter weather changes or cycles as it happens in real life. It's just gonna be snowing most of the time without any actual weather changes. If you want a more realistic winter with weather cycles install the third oiv >"REALISTIC_WINTER_WEATHER_CYCLES.oiv"


This one is an EXTRA oiv which includes extra features. If you want to experience a more realistic winter experience with weather cycles like in real life then install this one as well. With this oiv installed you'll see periods of heavy snow, periods of light snow and some periods with NO snow, just like a typical real life winter season. Also once in a while you may get an actual blizzard which will make it very difficult for you to move around because it becomes very intense and very bright but, I set this to occur very rarely so blizzards won't happen very often. You will also get periods of heavy fog from time to time as well. Before installing this one make sure you already installed the other two MAIN "Winter.oiv's" first!

NOTE: Snow on the ground won't always look white at all times! Snow will turn slightly yellowish as the day turns into night, that's normal and depending on where you are at any particular moment in time the snow may also have a slight brownish tinge to it. If you're closer to the shore or the beach the snow might have a brownish tinge because of the sand underneath. If you're closer to downtown or the city then the snow might have a yellowish tinge to it, specially at night. The snow will look more whithish (whiter) during the day when is clear and sunny or if you're up in the mountains.

"UNINSTALL.oiv" (1,2 & 3):

Each oiv installation has its own "uninstall" oiv so If you want to revert all changes back to original "default" gta 5 files then just install both "WINTER_UNINSTALL_1" and "WINTER_UNINSTALL_2" and all your original files will be restored back to normal. If you installed the third "REALISTIC_WINTER_WEATHER_CYCLES.oiv" you must also install the "REALISTIC_WINTER_WEATHER_CYCLE_UNINSTALL.oiv" included in the folder as well. As long as *R doesn't relocate files with a new patch upgrade all "uninstall" oiv's will restore all your files back to normal just fine.

NOTE: When you uninstall a package and go back in the game you will notice that it may still be snowing but, don't panic! That doesn't mean that the Uninstall.oiv's didn't worked. The reason you might still see snow falling is because my winter packages trigger the "default" snow in gta v. Gta v does have snow but, you almost never see it because it is only activated in the first mission of the game, the "Prologue" in North Yankton. If you still see snow falling in game after uninstalling a package all you gotta do is turn it off in simple trainer. Go to simple trainer > weather and just activate any other weather you want that is not snow and you'll be back to normal.


I would love to see actual snow on top of cars and on top of peds' heads and clothing and would like to change the clothes on all peds to "winter" clothes because it does looks kind of akward seeing peds walking around in snow wearing shorts and t-shirts but, all that stuff is extremely difficult to do. It is possible to achieve but, it will take a long time to do and a lot of file experimentation. I will do some tests and experiments and work on that in my spare time but, I don't make any promises. In the meantime, enjoy "WINTER IN GTA V 1.0". If you have any comments or questions please type 'em in the comments section and I'll respond to you as soon as I can. Thanks!


If you liked this mod or any mods I've uploaded or will upload here and feel generous to donate a little bit feel free to do so. Donations DO HELP A LOT! A small donation definitely goes a long way and will definitely motivate me even more and spend even more time on developing interesting mods for gta5. I don't have a Patreon account but, you can donate to JAM102970 at PayPal link above. Thank You!
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