20 Demolition derby liveries for Fenton's mapped prison/school bus 2.0

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1. Download Fenton's Vapid classic bus. Liveries are useless without a vehicle to put them on :p
2. Extract the .rar anywhere you want/can easily find it.
3. Use OpenIV to find and open the prison/school bus's .ytd files.

4.a Click import and find your extracted folder of liveries

4.b You may need to rename the files if the names conflict with any other liveries you have. (having 2 "pbus_sign1" for example.)

4.c The names of the liveries in your .ytd must be sequential. For example "busclassic" comes with three liveries already installed. As you can see, the end of the names of those liveries go up from 1 to 3. So if you ignore the extra liveries his buses come with, you'll need to rename all of my files after the last number. The first livery in my pack ends with 13. so in order for the livery to show up in your game, you'll have to change that 13 to a 4. And so on for all the other liveries.

Inside you'll find liveries intended to be used in bus demo derbys. Though some might fit well with racing. But you can use them for anything you want really. Most of the skins are based on real demo derby buses or other real inspiration. But they all fit within the realm of lore friendly, including the ones of my own creation. Every one of them feature at least a little bit of paintable area for you to add your own colors for some slight variety between even multiple of the same skins. There are some minor errors in the way some things line up or stretch over certain body panels on a couple of the buses, but you won't notice them for long after that area gets smashed in. (You're welcome to comment what kind of easter eggs you find about the skins) Enjoy my first upload. :3

Sorry for no proper screenshots of the examples. I'm having some issues modding my game after the latest tiny update that only changed 1 line of text. :/ Will get some screenshots if requested or provided by others.
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