MUG Helicopter Belgie/Belgian (paintjob) 1.0

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This is a Paintjob for the released AS-350 helicopter. The download includes the image file and instructions on how to add it to the helicopter mod.

Download the model here:

If you have any questions you can always contact me on discord or my discord server join link in profile


REPLACE- Go to what ever patchday it says to install in open the pomav.ytd file in edit mode take my texture in what ever you want (LS/LA) drag to your desktop and rename to as350_sign_4 to add the skin and not to relace anything
or what ever slot you have avalible to add:) save and enjoy:)

ADD-ON- Go to your root (rockstar-steam) folder go to update/x64/dlcpacks and find were you added your as350 addon folder and open...( you will find a dlc.rpf)
(now open openiv) go to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks there you will aslo find a dlc.rpf (drag the dlc.rpf from the root game folder to openiv replace and overwrite)
-this will not do anything that harms your mods or anything else you have installed-

open the dlc.rpf and follow the paths till vehicles.rpf or mhqvehicles.rpf what ever its called now go and add or replace the texture ls/la in my download into the as350.ytd as you would adding/replacing any other texture.
save and go back to the dlcpacks folder were you can see the dlc.rpf and drag the new saved dlc.rpf from openiv to the as350 folder (in your root folder were addons are) and replace overwrite and your good to play with this buetiful lilttle
Or else
Open the .ytd file of the AS-350 with OpenIV. Make sure "Edit Mode" is on and import the provided texture file in this archive (as350_sign_3). Click save and that's it. Done!

Link to model:

I would advise using a Mods folder (more info at OpenIV)
and make a backup, I take no responsibility if any shit happens.
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