Weathered Mule Liveries 1.01



I wanted to play with the textures more and see what results can be made.

For this series, I wanted a more weathered but not overly worn look. This is more of a light fading of the vehicles paint.



This mod utilizes Theros vehicle templates 2.5 mod

Follow instructions to install that mod (no need to install all vehicles if only installing a select few such as the mule).

I've made fixes to the mule, you can download the updated models here:

What edits did I make?
* Changed spec map file name (used zmodeler to do this)
* Small gap on the top rear of trailer (probably about 1-3 pixels wide, now closed)
* Small issue with dirt map on the front right (left if looking at mule), adjusted for a more even blend (i.e. lazy fix).
* Fixed mapping on rear doors so textures aren't overlapping the release bars.

Note: In order for the best effect (and show same results in pictures), you have to download the updated yft and import the included spec file.



1. Unzip folder (winrar, 7zip etc), then open folder.
2. If downloading my yft fixes, unzip them as well.
3. Run openIV and go to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday3ng\dlc\x64\gta5\vehicles
4. Click on edit mode and hit yes.
5. If you downloaded my updated yft, then drag and drop into openIV, if not, continue next step.
6. Double click mule.ytd
7. If a_sign_1 does not exist, click on the "import" button (top left, circle with plus sign)
If you don't see this sign, it means you did not correctly enable edit mode. Which means you need to close this window and click on edit mode and click yes.
Repeat step 5 if applicable.
Protip: if there are DDS files you dont want, leave them out, rename the others to a sequential number. Like a_sign_1, a_sign_2, a_sign_3, a_sign_4. You don't want number a_sign_3 then rename
a_sign_4 to a_sign_3 and import (be sure to delete the one you don't want first).
8. Save.
9. To correctly continue, you should know how to export your rpf and archive validate at this point.
10. If there is enough requests, I can provide sources on how to do so. Leave a comment.



1. Ashley Furniture
2. Generic All White
3. Ryder
4. Generic, Red Cab, White Trailer
5. White Penske
6. Generic, Blue Cab, White Trailer
7. Goodwill
8. Generic, Gray Cab, White Trailer
9. Uhaul (note there are 2 versions. 1. Hollywood graphic or 2. Vinewood graphic, found inside "uhaul_sign_9" folder)
10. Generic, off-White, faded markings (experimental)
11. Rent A Center (RAC)
12. Roto-Rooter



v. 1.00 - Initial release.

v. 1.01 - Forgot to include the spec map. New update has it included.
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