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The Allgemeine SS ("General SS") was a major branch of the Schutzstaffel (SS) paramilitary forces of Nazi Germany it was managed by the SS Main Office. The Allgemeine SS was officially established in the autumn of 1934 to distinguish its members from the SS-Dispositional Troops, which later became the Waffen-SS, and the SS-Death's Head Units, which were in charge of the Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps. SS formations committed many war crimes against civilians and allied servicemen. - Wikipedia

The Ranks w/ Shoulder Boards are floating because of an issue when the character is running, the arm goes through it.

This is just a uniform pack and I do not support the Nazism, nor Fascism in any way, this is just for people who want it.

This pack includes:
- Jbib
- Pants
- SS Honor Calvary Sabre
- SS Dagger
- Aiguilette
- Blood Order
- Ribbon Bar
- NSDAP Gold Pin
- and More

- Initial Upload

- Badges, Ribbon Bars, 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class was renamed to Badges, Ribbon Bars, and NSDAP Pin
- Added feet_001_u which adds additional ribbon bar, badges, and the NSDAP pin is moved to the tie (Badges, Ribbon Bars, and NSDAP Pin\Variation 2)
- Added decl_001_u which adds the Chevron
- Added the SS Armband
- Somewhat "fixed" the Side Strap from glitching through the arm

- feet_002_u which adds, the ribbon bar, badges, 1939 iron cross, and NSDAP Pin
- Added hand_008_u which adds the blood order, and the Decoration in Memory (Beer Hall Putsch) of 9 November 1923 medal
- SS Skull Hat
- SS M42 Helmet
- SS Parade Belt for both Black and Grey textures

OpenIV - To place the components inside the dlc.rpf
mpClothes: - Not Required, but advised if you wish not replace any vanilla components

Install mpClothes and place the files that don't have p_ in them in mp_m_freemode_01_mp_m_clothes_01, you will place those in mp_m_freemode_01_p_mp_m_clothes_01 using OpenIV, then rename any file you wish but make sure that both the ytd and ydd files are the same name for the files to work accordingly.

Credit goes to Comrade Bear as nearly everything in this pack are his assets from PM0V3 for Garry's Mod, and Matti and his friends for creating the badges, ribbons bars, and medals and texturing these outfits.

Credit also goes Activision and all other companies who also helped make COD: WWII as most of these models were from there as well.
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