Crysis 2 Nanosuit Re-Texture N7 v3.9c


First of all the credits ,
jr59 - for the CRYSIS 2 Nanosuit Ped mod
MAK Moderator,{My Self} :- for the .ytd retexture of mass effect andromeda suit.

This is a retexture of the mod "Crysis 2 Nanosuit Ped" by jr59
link :-
..this replaces the textures of main nanosuit with the N7 andromeda suit..

20-3-17 - added 2.8i version
includes the N7 texture on his chest
22-3-17 - added 2.8k version
now the teef is edited and his eyes can be seen (not much good quality).
22-3-17 - added 2.8x version
added new optional skin With White Textures and blowing quality and added powerers and lights on Andromeda.(will be updated in 3.8a version Coming Soon)
05-04-17 - added 3.8a version
fixed the glitch of armed bug. and insted of green back of Andromeda, added a new hd one with tx40277 written (small).. no new screens. fixed head and eyes.
no changes into skin 2.
11-04-17 - Version 3.8b
1.added new texture of Suit2Skin optional texture's armor.
2.reduced less pixel quality on Suit2Skin's head n changes made in skin 1 (main skin) will be in 3.9c version
22-04-17 - Version 3.9c
1.added new hand-armor in main Skin.
2.main skin's eyes can be seen clearly. No changes made in skin 2, will be made in 4.4a version.

Thanks for 1,000+ downloads.really thanks guys.i will bring more mods
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