Nude Freemode female [Add-On] 2.0

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What kind of mod is this?
This is a mod that undresses the female character model of the online mode. It is usually called "freemode female". At the moment, the mod only changes two models number 15 (torso and legs).
The goal of the mod is not to make a huge ass, huge dangling breasts or long nails. The mod is intended to be as compatible as possible with all other parts of the character’s body and clothing. Don't ask me to do all of the above.

How to install this mod?
All instructions are in the archive, I even recorded a video, so the weight of the archive has increased significantly. I'm tired of explaining the same thing every time.

Can I play with this mod in official Online?
It seems you can, I have been told more than once that there are craftsmen who succeed in this, but I am still sure that you will receive a ban for any modifications. Use at your own risk.

What about the work of this mod in a fan online like FiveM?
No idea, I only play official online, I can't help you with that.

What about using these resources in other mods?
I don't lock model files, I don't prohibit using textures or meshes elsewhere. Just follow one rule: indicate the link/author of the original and that’s it.

Special thanks to HeySlickThatsMe for tips on how the engine works.
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