JDM Hoodie Retexture V1.0

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🌹FiveM Ready🌹

⭐This custom content is a retexture of a male hoodie by Ravenay Mods. Ravenay Mods made the original texture which is not included in this file, you MUST first go and download Ravenay Mods 'Men's coat for MP Male [SP / FiveM]' in order
for this to work.

(Link for download: )

⭐The reason why I made this recolor is because it is such a beautiful mesh, but Ravenay Mods only made 1 color variation for it and I was left with a lot of blanks, therefore I decided to fill those blanks. Regardless, 100% credit goes to Ravenay Mods for this beautiful Design!

⭐There is 16 Hoodie variations.

⭐There is a MUST READ FIRST txt file included which gives instructions on how to use this recolor for FiveM. Very important to go through this!! NB!!

⭐Once you have downloaded the original mod, you need to rename them inorder for my retextures to work. (use the files in the FiveM folder)

For the Hoodie:
Rename the YTD file to mp_m_freemode_01^jbib_diff_005_a_uni
Rename the YDD file to mp_m_freemode_01^jbib_005_u

How to add to server:
1. Extract the files.
2. Place YTD and YDD files that you renamed, as well as my retextures in the folder where you stream your clothing from.
**Start up the server then it should work in the server!**

Where to find it:
Hoodie will be number 5 on Torso 1.

⭐Please remember this is a retexture of a mod made by someone else. I take no credit for this mod, I just made a retexture for the blank textures.

⭐Terms Of Use:
- Please do not re upload my work.
- Do not sell my work.
- You may use a link to my download.

🌺 Let me know in the comments what you think and also feel free to leave suggestions!! 🌺

💋 PrettyPoison 💋
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