Packie McReary [Replacement] 0.2


- Simply open the .OIV in OpenIV and let it install in your Mods folder

- Replaces Packie's Head, giving him his old GTA IV one, with a new texture that strikes the balance between his old charm and yet doesn't look out of place next to the others in GTA V (hopefully!)
- Replaces his standard jacket, as well as the formal suit jacket
- Makes it a Liberty Rock Radio tee instead of the generic gun tee underneath

- Working relentlessly on an add-on ped with his original GTA IV ensemble as well as numerous other outfits, accessories, etc...
- Finding time to look at fixing current issues

- Rockstar, who originally created this head for GTA IV (which i made edits to) as well as the textures from GTA IV & V that i altered for this mod
- Oleg of Zmodeler3, saint of a man, who was a MASSIVE help & furthered the research of the blender>zm3 workflow and added FBX support during the development of this mod
- NGClan made the Niko in one of the preview images. But like. Everybody should know that, lol.


like Lurien, for initially helping me relearn the basics in blender after 4 years without a computer & a bout of brain damage symptoms, and Reese, Miles, Hope, Viktor and everybody else who interacted with my works in progress on all the different places i posted about Packie progress,

And obviously the people at Rockstar, and the man himself Ryan Johnston, who were responsible for establishing, no exaggeration, one of the greatest characters in any kind of media.


v0.2 release

- Waaaay smaller file size. No idea how v0.1 ended up being massive for no reason.
- New Specular map
- And whoops, left a beta testing thing in v0.1. That's gone in v0.2


- The inside of Packie's mouth is lit really strange. This is, however, the case for the rest of the heist crew streamed peds, at least on my machine, my graphics settings, but I'll still try to figure out how to fix this.
- Packie's default jacket is a bit squirrelly, and while the suit jacket is fine, there's clipping for the other members of the Heistcrew Gunmen.
- Specular is almost perfect but he's ever so slightly too sweaty in some locations, ie the Tequi-la-la, Jimmy's room... You know, sweaty places. But still slightly too shiny.
- Been noticing some weight painting issues on his neck. Will get to that soon.
- Also some light tearing in Packie's lip corners, they used to be waaaay worse, but I'm always trying to get rid of them completely.
- Chef's hands are still misaligned, low priority tho
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