Rick Chance

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--Rick Chance--

Some people may remember the classic North Yankton DLC Hoax done by yours truly. This is Rick Chance, the "confirmed" main character next to Michael De Santa and Niko Bellic. This mod aims to create him as if he actually existed within the game.


1. Execute OpenIV and head to x64v.rpf
2. Find streamedpeds_mp.rpf and extract it.
3. Edit the RPF and use the files I've supplied. Be sure to rebuild.
4. Delete the old streamedpeds_mp.rpf from x64v.rpf and add the new modified one.
5. Do NOT rebuild the x64v archive.
6. Play with your Rick and his mullet goodness.

--Change log--

1.0 (7/14/15) - Initial release


Made by theNGclan. 7/14/15. You can upload this anywhere ONLY if you credit me.
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