"Earlier this year modders such as Quechus13 opened up gates through other universes and brought us new characters.
But they left these rifts to the other worlds unclosed!
So others continued to enter Los Santos.
And now a whole new dimension rift to a whole new world is Opened!"

Meanwhile at Avengers Tower!
Friday: Sir, I'm receiving strange signals. I believe it's a new rift.
Iron-Man: Let's check it out.
Friday: Signals are getting stronger! Something is coming out.
Iron-Man: Someone!
Friday: Yes and I can see a spider logo on his chest.
Iron-Man: Another spider-man! hadn't seen this one.
Unknown man: I'm SpiderSkull and this is the 1st time my world gets a connection to another.
I have studied this world and I am aware of the past events I see there are other spiders here already.
But no matter there won't be much left when I'm done with this place!
Iron-Man: What?
SpiderSkull: oh, my bad I did not tell you! I'm afraid I'm not so much of a friendly neighborhood.
I will destroy all who get in my way! This city belongs to me now.
Friday: It doesn't look good sir.
Iron-Man: Yeah I noticed!

Introducing SPIDER SKULL
I googled Spider Skull but I couldn't find any character named this.
Not even an unofficial. Not even one.
So I totally made him up!
And if you hadn't noticed it yet, YES he's a villain!

Installation Instructions:
1st you need to get the model so you must download this:
Use this mod, it's super easy!
AddonPeds.ASI & PedSelector
If you use add-on method just copy the rest of the PED files and rename them to the same name I gave each texture.
Each add-on PED has 4 files for example:
I can only give you .ytd file. you should copy other spider-man files and rename them to for example this SpiderSkull and add them to the DLS's .rpf file

Here is the line you should add to AddonPeds.ASI & PedSelector mod's ini file
(peds_rpf_list.ini) which you can find here:
***\RockstarGames\Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds

SpiderSkull = SpiderSkull

You can also use Simple Trainer for GTA V 4.0
It has an add-on PEDs section added to it to help you spawn your add-on PEDs.
Here are the lines you can add to trainer's ini file.


the "23" thing can change to any number you want and the trainer allows it!

Or Replace any Ped you want just rename the files to whatever ped you want to replace "example:ig_bankman" But beware you might see abnormal peds with missing parts if you do!
if you want this texture to replace Quechus13's!
Or else you got to copy the rest of the PED files and rename them, to replace another PED.

Do not re-upload my exact texture files. (and credit me)

Special thanks to Quechus13 for the great model.
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