Superman 1million Glowing suit [RETEXTURE] 1.0


This is a high quality retexture for Barak101's Superman Justice League(Henry Cavill) Black Suit [Add-On Ped].
1 Million Golden suit retexture with glowing effects!!(with the regular symbol on superman's chest from the movies,i'll make a new version later with the symbol from the comics.

Golden 1 million suit retexture(glowing)

readme file
Superman1Million.ydd (it should be noted that i have been granded full permsisiion by Barak101 himself to upload this file too since this one contains the glowing effect in it!)
.ini file (to appear in julioNIB's mod)

To install the retexture you must replace the "SupermanBlack.ytd" file inside mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/addonpeds/peds.rpf with the "Superman1Million.ytd"
AND replace the "SupermanBlack.ydd" with the "Superman1Million.ydd" file in the same location.
I also include an .ini file incase you have the Ultimate superman mod by JulioNIB.

(Make sure Barak101's Superman Justice League Black Suit [Add-On Ped] is already installed otherwise you wont have the files needed)
I thank Barak101 for helping me create this retexture since he created the ydd file with the glowing effect and owns it!
In order for it to glow change the time to night or afternoon!
If you have the Ultimate superman mod go to suit config. and change his stats to meet the actual stats of superman 1 million like the health,strengh and speed!!!

Addon Peds:
SuperMan Addon Ped
NO known BUGS!

I also just wanted to say that this is my first retexture of a ped and im hoping on getting better at it soon.Thank you.

All the credits for the Superman Model go to: Barak101
Retexture credit: Perros194
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