US Marine Reskin 1.03

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semper fidelis
s_m_y_marine__01, 02, 03, comp_peds_marine
csb_ramp_marine & s_m_M_Marine_01

as realistic as possible, however, still lore friendly, patches may be off due to ped.

report bugs and support via discord or direct message, no support provided in the comment section.

Brings me great pleasure to present my USMC skin, as a Former Marine FMF Corspman and current Paramedic, i enjoyed creating these skins. Semper Fi, and thank you for downloading.

loosely based off these uniforms

Installation Instructions
Using open iv (edit mode) navigate to directorys below in your mods folder and replace with ytd provided in the download. click save, and always back up your work.


replace s_m_y_marine_01.ytd with 01, 02, and 03 in the download.



replace hat texture with the one provided in download p__head_diff_000_a



s_m_m_marine_01 and 02 (marine officer peds)
(marine officer camo)

(marines dress green uniform)

Assorted Tactical Vest Color
i enjoy providing options so i have included in this download a seperate folder for texture of vests in different colors, as well as federal agent, fbi, and police vests in black. and a blank vest for you to customize as you please.
to install navigate to the texture directory and replace the vest with the one you want from the vest folder. s_m_y_marine_03.ytd and csb_ramp_marine.ytd are equiped with vests.

known bugs: name tags and patches are in previous locations, as marines dont always wear certain patches. marines dont wear us flags either in some instances, but i wanted to add something different to this ped.
officer dress green uniform is as close to realistic as possible, minus some of the ribbons, used marine medals and service badges. Marines attend army dive and air jump schools so those pins are the same. marksman pins not able to get on uniforms.

Please check back for updates as i regularly updates my packs based on suggestions and bug reports.

join the discord server, for support, collaborations, and updates, no support in comments section

Do not reupload or repackage without my persmission, if you want to repackage this pack just message me. credit me if you use my skins in your videos and link to the download page.
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