US Military Cold War Era Base Pack EUP(SP/FiveM Addon/Replace) 1.0


United States Armed Forces (EUP)

Full List Of components:
teef (Shoulder Patches): 8 Slots Forest/Desert
task (Armour): (Choco, DCU, M81) PASGT, Ranger Body Armour (RBA)
hand (Bag): (Choco, DCU, M81) Cover Alice Pack, Butt Pack, T80 Parachute, Alice Pack
decl (Rank): US Army Collar Pin Rank and Marksman (NCOs, Officers, Enlisted) (USMC found in Rank folder for replacement, 3d Airborne Patch, Military Police Brassard (Black, Black with Patch, Desert, Desert with Patch)
lowr (Pants): BDU Pants with Knee Guards (Choco, DCU, M81), BDU Pants (Choco, DCU, M81)
berd (Extras): Neck Slung Goggles, NBC Gas Mask Hood, Gas Mask Leg Pouch
feet (Shoe): Jungle Boots
jbib (Shirt): 3 Camo US Army BDU + 3 Camo USMC BDU,3 Camo US Army BDU folded + 3 Camo USMC BDU, Night Camo Jacket With 3 Camo Collar, Raid Modded BDUS 3 Camo
accs (Rigs): ILBV, Alice Rifle, Grenade Vest, Alice LMG
head (Helmets): PASGT With AN/PVS-7A Up, NVGs Down, Goggles Down, Goggles Kept, Goggles Unkept Up, US Army Patrol Cap, USMC Patrol Cap, Scrim Helmet, Boonie Hat, CVC Tank Helmet Goggles Down, CVC Tank Helmet Goggles Up

Set up for FiveM Addon and SP addon (READ HERE FOR REPLACE)
For conversion into FiveM Replace simply extract the components and props from SP Addon DLC and rename them accordingly.

Installation for SP are as follows drag the folder into dlc folders and add this line to the dlclist in (Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data) dlcpacks:/

Common Bugs For FiveM

GTA V has a hardcoded limit of .ymts file it can use hence if you are using too much addon packs it may cause a crash it is advised to either combine packs or replace components.

Try using the FiveM Pack with reduced .ymt numbers, but be aware that functionalities such as specific sounds haircut options for helmets will no longer be available and may clip through the hat.

Model does not belong to me or made by me, I am responsible for kit bashing and rigging.

Retextures are welcome do give credits as listed below
- Simkas - NBC Hood
- Taggart - providing the models and textures for the uniforms;
- Kali - providing the models and textures for all the gear
- Caliber: Seal VBSS Models
- Zachtan: Protec Helmets
- Simcardo: Main S & S models
- Justin N: Lead-dev
- Motta: M1 helmet shell and chinstrap, cover shape and texture variation, and Leather combat boots
- Jujurat: raw models for ALICE pack
- Olmo Potmus: CVC helmet model[] )
- Lennard : Nomex gloves, CVC helmet import, ANVIS mount texture, Birth Control Glasses, additional screenshots, title suggestion
- Frenchy56: collar rank textures, imports/configs, screenshots
- GeorgeRavioli: Temperate BDU, gear and other texture adjustments

Testing & Photographers
preacher9740 Main Photographer
cuziambenny Photographer

r4noo7076 Main tester
FranKs#8495 Tester
Xbrtno#0891 Tester
Madivan Tester
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