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Tired of running to ammunation for ammo? Tired of your car despawning when you take a plane? Hate the cheaty and hard-to-use menus of a trainer? Hate rain? THIS MOD IS FOR YOU!

To clarify:
You can't cheat by healing yourself in a cop chase or mission, and you can't use the personal vehicle function inside of missions or cop chases. That's the primary reason for this mod. I wanted to make the game less tedious, but I don't want to feel like i'm cheating, or be tempted to cheat.

The personal vehicle function cannot be used inside of missions because it has the potential to break missions by causing vital vehicles to despawn if used incorrectly.

This mod is Ammunation Avoider 3, now with toggle-able personal vehicles.

Via the press of a button, you can transform any vehicle into a personal vehicle which won't despawn (or vice versa), fully repair your car, your health, and your ammo, or toggle a weather lock to "Extra Sunny"

Controls for Ammunation Avoider 3:
Y- Mark Vehicle to never despawn (Only works when not wanted and not on a mission) OR Unmark the current vehicle if it is already marked
U- Avoid Ammunation (Fixes vehicle, heals player, gives all weapons) (Only works when not wanted and not on a mission) (Makes car doors unable to break)
I- Toggles ExtraSunny Weather Lock
Insert- Unmark all Marked Vehicles (Allows them to despawn) (Only works when not wanted and not on a mission)

Controls for Ammunation Avoider 1:
U- Lock weather to extra-sunny, fix the vehicle, heal player, give all weapons (only works while not wanted, works in missions)


This mod is based almost entirely off of the code for the Native Trainer that comes with Scripthook. In fact, I left most of the code of Native Trainer in-tact

I have included the source code for the project so that newbies and other interested parties may make their own versions. I compiled the ASI in Visual Studio 2017. As far as I know, you only need to double-click "NativeTrainer.sln" under "Source Code for Ammunation Avoider 2/samples" to open the project in visual studio 2017.


I have included the readme for the ScripthookV SDK with this mod to avoid people getting mad at me for distributing source code.

There's nothing that says I can't so I am doing it (NOTE: Alexander V Blade says no redistribution of the entire SDK in its original archive or the Scripthook V DLL, not source code of mods based off his work)

If you want to develop your own version, feel free. I demand no attribution, but of course it would be appreciated. Alexander Blade might want you to credit him. I don't know.

*the vehicle class isn't the actual vehicles in the game, they are pointers somehow (b/c a vector of them doesn't call the destructor and delete in-game vehicles)
* Unknown what the effects of starting a mission while you had marked vehicles would be, or perhaps if you marked vehicles and reloaded a save, or if you replayed a mission
* pointers to vehicle classes don't work as I thought, they appear to all be equal (Which is very VERY strange)
* I was going to add the ability to save a vehicle and spawn it anytime but I don't know how to do that
* I didn't bother writing my own INI file parser for the mod, so I didn't get to do anything I wanted to do with INI files like changing the controls

* Take away some money every time the U function is used, or make a requirement that you "subscribe" to the "Ammunation Avoider Service" by calling a phone number which changes a boolean in an INI file
* Make a cooldown for U (probably something like 12 hrs in-game)
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