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Prepare for intense gameplay moments where every collision has real consequences. Watch as cops meet their demise during high-speed chases and feel the weight of realistic impacts. Adjust the settings to your liking and tailor the experience to your preferred level of realism.

  • Damage to driver & passengers when two ped vehicles collide
  • Damage to driver & passengers when ped vehicles collide with anything/fall from height/roll over.
  • Damage to player & passengers when colliding with anything/falling from height/rolling over
  • Damage depends on force of impact
  • Tweakable to your liking via .ini

  • v1.0

  • v1.1
    -Added .ini to tweak multipliers
    -Removed debug info that I accidently forgot to disable

  • 1.2
    -Added the ability to toggle damage for player/peds separately

  • 1.3
    -Consistency improvement

  • 1.4
    -Rewrote a big chunk of the code, major consistency fix
    -Simultaneous collisions now calculated properly
    -Tweaked damage multipliers to be as realistic as possible (you can further tweak them to your liking via .ini)
    -Increased range, and added the ability to tweak it via .ini
    -No more small damage on minor scratches
    -Fixed motorcyclists insta death on impact

  • ASI Loader
  • Script Hook V
  • Community Script Hook V .NET 3.1.0

  • Extract both files in to the scripts folder
  • Use CollisionsDetector.ini to tweak to your liking

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