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Making scripts/mods for this game is very funny furthermore I learn C# and scripting in general doing this. By the way it's also time consuming. As I'm am a college student there isn't a lot of time though. I hope to release as many update and bug-fixes for all of my scripts, improve/change it as you wish and so on. To show me your appreciation you can of course rate the script, live a like, a comment, or, if you wish to, support me by donating as much as you wish by clicking "Donate with PayPal" button on the download page of this mod.

###WHAT'S NEXT?###
Full compatibility with Raider's Blood, Violence, Ragdoll & Destruction Overhaul mod will be finally here.
And, NPC death animations!
It's still WIP, but check it out here : NPC Death Animations

I recommend to use Death Animations in conjunction with


Here is a violent and realistic death experience you may never want to try. With this mod you will never fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes anymore.
If you are weak hearted that do not download this!


Here is a glance of how this script works: basically, whenever your health is BELOW 15 you will die. This doesn't mean that the player will die instantly as long as his health reach 15. This actually means that the player can die when his health is in this range: 0-15 .This is due to game limitations, and I really spent a lot of hours trying to find a work around but for now that's how it works. I found that 15 was the sweet spot, lowering this value to e.g 13 will make this script not working properly. If you don't actually like this system please do not rate this mod low.
You can try to “fix” this “issue” lowering the AI accuracy. This should “rebalance” the game experience.


  • When the player dies he will actually play an animation, if he was using any pistol, any SMG/PDW (apart from the Assault SMG and the Combat SMG), Double Barreled Shotgun or Sawn-off Shotgun. Basically every one handed weapon. (This in my “vision of realism”, if you want me to change it just let me know in the comment section! :D)
  • For any other weapons the player will still fall to the ground, but in a more realistic way and will not die instantly.

  • ATTENTION! THIS IS NOT A BUG: If the player has been damaged in a very high way he will be instantly killed, as the vanilla game. It's just unrealistic if after an RPG/Grenade/Whatever explosion he will actually play an animation… Also, if you are near someone with a shotgun or any other heavy weapon and he shoots you, well, don't expect an animation either. The same if someone hits you in the head, no matter whit which weapons they do that. By the way, if you want me to change that just tell me in the comment section ;)
  • Added 13 new death animations. [2.0]
  • Every animations now blend flawlessy, fixed timing bug in 1.0. [2.0]
  • If the player dies in a vehicle he will loose control of it and will play a dying animation. [2.0]
  • Greatly improved euphoria physycs ragdoll when dying with some weapons. [2.0]
  • Police will now not just leave the scene, some of them will keep shooting, but mainly they will aim at you, sometimes flanking your position. [2.0]

  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher) by Microsoft
  • Visual C++ Redis- Pack for Visual Studio 2013 (x64) by Microsoft
  • ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade
  • ScriptHookVDotNet by croiser

  • Copy and paste “Death_Animations.dll” into your “GTA V\Scripts\” folder.

Please, make sure you have installed EVERY REQUIREMENTS/DEPENDENCIES of this mod before reporting problems/error/bugs.
Please, read the installation instruction again carefully before reporting problems/errors/bugs.
Leave a comment if you have problems/suggestions.

  • It is not compatible with Raider's Blood, Violence, Ragdoll & Destruction Overhaul 3.7 [OIV|HD|4K|18+]. You can made it compatible with that deleting “InjuredMovement.dll” AND not deleting the file “combat@death@from_writhe.ycd” in “x64c.rpf\anim\ingame\clip_combat@.rpf”
  • It is not compatible with Realistic Ballistics 1.0
  • Not compatible with Team Up


  • A big thank you to Rockstar Games to have developed this beloved game.
  • A big thank you to Alexander Blade to make it possible to write C++ scripts for Grand Theft Auto V (five).
  • A big thank you to crosire to make it possible to write [.NET] scripts for Grand Theft Auto V (five).
  • A big thank you to the community behind GTAV Native database(NATIVE DB).

  • Add some more animations
  • Maybe adding some Screen-FX
  • Full euphoria phisics death simulation
  • You tell me.


  • You should NOT edit my mod without my permission
  • You MAY re-upload once I agree.
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