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Short summary
This project aims for making roaming/exploring in GTA V a smoother experience, with less interrupting elements and no violence. Focus is on making the game have as little violence and disturbing content as possible but this can be customized in the configuration file if you like to activate violence for example.

Link to the full description:

Important information if you switch between configuration files while playing:
Jan 15 2023 after game update:
Switching between default/no violent configuration files to violent ones (while playing) no longer work after game update and makes the game unstable. The workaround is to set the file you want to use before starting the game. More info on the website (link above).

Default keys for some included fun features
N: Teleport to nearest vehicle. If passenger, switches to driver.
B: Join a vehicle as a passenger (player runs to the vehicle and gets in. Teleports if it takes too long. Switches seat if already inside one.
End: Unstuck.
I: When inside a vehicle, repairs and adds random modifications. When outside, only repairs.
CTRL + T: Teleport to random location.
Num +/- while inside vehicle: Increase/decrease engine power.
Num +/- while outside vehicle: Change to same skin/clothes as closest pedestrian.
Q: Jump with a vehicle when inside and all wheels are on the ground. Speed and vehicle engine power determines the distance.

Latest update info: Improvements and fixes, FFFR 3.1

- Planes and helicopters are now affected by the engine power value
Note: At high values, the plane will bug out and the screen will be filled will artifacts and weird bugs with textures.
As a side effect, extra power also affects planes models altitude differently. Some rises slightly, some descends slightly.

- Jumping with the vehicle can be turned off or the key changed if you choose to activate the radio.
You can also do it yourself by setting key_1_jump_with_vehicle=-1

- player_vehicle_water_handling=1 now excludes submarines, which otherwise make them stuck at the sea floor.

- Fix found for clerks in FFFR through changing config settings. More info in known-issues at the website.

- Radio on/off fixes.

- Bugfix: Regarding auto unlocking cars:
Decreased time between checking which fixed the issue.

- Added more objects to list of explosives
- Adjusted the effects of engine power on planes and helicopters.
- Minor fixes.

- CAN_BE_KNOCKED_OFF_VEHICLE (bikes) fixed. It's tied to player_can_ragdoll and ped_can_ragdoll

- More power applied to vehicle jump and funny effects adjusted.

The old .ini for 3.0 will work fine.
Included customized configuration files (inside the FFFR folder) are slightly changed. Updated old versions can be found on discord.


3.0 adds many new family-friendly and fun features, removes more disturbing elements in better ways and makes switching between configuration files more convenient (like activating friendly chasing cops or your custom made configurations).

A few new fun features: teleport to random location, modify vehicle randomly and repair, jump with vehicle, rare spawns in traffic and copy nearest ped's model skin to the player.

A menu can be activated. When activated you can switch between configuration files directly from the menu.


LSPDFR users: Use version 2.6.2 together with the configuration file on discord in channel configuration-files-262. (3.0+ has many new features and use of same native functions seems to be causing conflicts with LSPDFR)
Also install

More audio related features are available from a mod to use alongside of FFFR
With Muted Speech And Pain, the audio from the world can be muted/unmuted using key(s)/button(s). Most cutscenes are muted by default. Ambient audio while in and outside of vehicles can be customized with that mod. And more.

Interested in FiveM?
92jackson is working on making it kid-friendly:
Check it out!

Link to the full description for FFFR
Short description
Main features
Default keys
How to make the game even less violent and disturbing
How to make changes in the configuration file
Tips on non violent activities
Not yet implemented/ todo list
Troubleshooting and feedback

Formatting issues prevents me from adding the description here.

Support and feedback
I'm very busy with new projects but I will answer basic questions when I have time.

Check out custom configuration files shared and please share yours.
One config available on discord which didn't made it into 3.1: "FFFR Friendly chaos x2 and light cops.ini"
Also, the "extreme family friendly .ini" was changed to not include limit to vehicle speed. You can find the old "extreme" file in the 3.0 download or a updated version on discord with:
"Max player vehicle speed set to limited/slow.
No missions at all allowed.
No passengers or being passenger.
No tools/"weapons" (golf club, flash light etc) at all.


If you like my work, donating is a great way to show your support.

Leigh Smith
PSO Enterprises
Anonymous (No alias. I want permission before writing down real names).

Thank you!

A special thanks to davidinark for his videos about the mod and very generous donations. Visit his Youtube channel here
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