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This is my first lua mod that displays extra information about:
- Date
- Day name
- In-game clock
- Vehicle speed
- Engine health
- Player health
- Player armor

- ScriptHookV:
- LuaPlugin for ScripHookV (please use the sdk version so that you can see the errors of the code if presents):
- GTALua (I really don't know if this is nessesary but I have this installed along with LuaPlugin for ScriptHookV because I wanted to play the Simple Prisoner Arrest but the prison system doesn't work and I'm trying to make a prison so that I can deliver prisoners there for money (I only do this for me because the S.P.A belongs to someone else and the author stopped supporting the mod and I can't contact him to ask for permission to reupload :v):

- Fix the error that 1pm to 9pm isn't displayed correctly as 01pm to 09pm

- Just a small code optimization, no new features, sorry

- Add config lines in script for 24-hours clock (as requested by LeonEma on gtaforums) and mph speedometer (no longer 2 different versions)
- Shorter code to show time. I'm still using diamond-optic's code to show date and dayname
- Better font size and line spacing (in my personal opinion)

- ExtraHUD is now hidden when player is being arrest
- Add an extra version for MPH speedometer
- New font

- Initial release

Known issues:
- Extra infos are still displayed when player walks out of hospital or police departments

- Engine Hack: extra infos are not displayed when holding desired key to use the mod

Planned Features:
- A menu to customize the HUD and how to save configuration
- Max speed and 0-100 kmh recorder and a button to show the result as a notification (man, I love notifications) (I don't know if these are nessesary for my mod but I will try as requested by cdvxxx)

- Radar Zoom Extras: I copied the idea about date, time and dayname of diamond-optic and I just forgot to credit his name in. I'm sorry for that
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