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1a) WTF is "Manual Transmission (Continued)" a.k.a. Why, where, what?
1b) Manual Transmission (Continued) Main Features / Details
1c) Future Features / To Do List
2a) Requirements
2b) Installation
2c) Files Included
3a) Changelog
4a) Credits / Copyright

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1a) WTF is "Manual Transmission (Continued)"
So... I was drifting in GTA V and though "If I could just lock on 2-3rd gear it would make it a lot easier and a lot more realistic." Then I've searched for a Manual Transmission mod and found this:

Sadly, the Mod was discontinued (as said in the description), last update on 5th May 2015, and it was Gear Based instead of Sequential (I'm playing on a Keyboard/Mouse or GamePad. No 5-6 Gears Wheel Controller) .
Therefore I wanted to make a mod to suit my needs (First Mod I ever made, ever, even though I know my programming shiz). Since I've already enjoyed (and I'm currently enjoying) great mods from the community, I thought it would be only fair enough for me to share it as well.


1b) Manual Transmission (Continued) Main Features / Details
- Sequential Drive OR Manual Drive (Both With and Without Clutch)
4 Versions to choose from: Manual No Clutch, Manual With Clutch, Sequential No Clutch, Sequential With Clutch

- 6 Gears (Currently on all cars, mind you, if you're in a truck, maximum gear will be 6, if you are in a car with a Top Speed Mod, it will be 6 as well)

- Gears Adjusted for Vanilla Game
(Even though I play with a TopSpeed Mod, I don't want my car to get to 200 in the 3rd Gear)

- 1-5 Gear Locked, 6th Gear -> Full Speed
What these means is, either you are playing Vanilla or with a Top Speed Mod, your care will lock the maximum speed between the 1st and the 5th gear. 6th Gear will let you drive to the maximum speed of the car, so if you have a Top Speed Mod, your care will reach 400km/h + as well.

- Current Gear Engaged Indicator
- Controller Support
Currently removed from the mod. Was not working. WILL be available on a later version

- Activated Automatic Mode
Press the Hotkey (Default: Z) and go Automatic Mode (a.k.a. disable Mod). Press again to activate


1c) Future Features / To Do List
- Add different number of Gears for Trucks, Cars and Bikes
Ex.: Trucks with 12 Gears, Sports Cars with 6, Super with 7, etc, etc.

- Ability to hold Clutch to Rev the engine
Mainly for Drifts, Slides, etc.Plus More realistic

- Important timing for shifting
Ex.: If you shift up to early it will slow the car acceleration

- Dynamic Gear Range for every vehicle
Ex.: If a car would reach 70km on First Gear (Red Line) then it will be the Max Speed for the first gear, etc.
Once this is done, animations / sound will match when you Shift Up or Down

- Reverse Gear

- Gamepad / Xbox Controller Support

- Your Suggestion?

- Bugs Known
-- Bicycles and Planes having gears
-- Changing cars will keep the gear of the previous car in the new car
-- Animations / Sound not matching the gear change (Read Above)
-- Using Clutch will make the mod to not allow changing gears


2a) Requirements
Script Hook V

LUA Plugin for GTA V


2b) Installation
Just copy your desired Setup to your GTA V/scripts/addins
(Use "READ ME" for info on each version)


2c) Files Included
- ManualTransmission.lua
- READ ME.txt


3a) Changelog
- Realistic Slow Down when Shifting Down if the gear engaged doesn't support the current velocity
- Engine will stall if you are stopped and try to go with another gear other then 1st (Small Detail, car will tilt a bit forward just like reality)
- Bug Fixes

- Entire code reworked to fit all the 4 Possible Choices (Sequential No Clutch, Sequential With Clutch, Manual No Clutch, Manual With Clutch) in one single file.
- All 4 versions into one. Default come as Sequential, no Clutch. If you want Sequential with Clutch, Manual, etc, Open the LUA file with Notepad. I made it
easy and really explained so you can edit your options and your controls easily.
- General Bug Fixes

- Added Two New Versions (Manual With Clutch, Manual Without Clutch)
- Current Gear Indicator on Top Left of the Screen
- Hotkey to Activate the Mod or go full Automatic (like Vanilla)

- Added a Clutch version. On these one, you have to press Clutch (Default X) while pressing the Shift change
- Downshifting should now decrease the Maximum speed of the vehicle to correspond to the current gear maximum

1.0) Release
- Edited the Mod (as it was discontinued and source code is available) from to:
- Sequential Gear Instead of 5 Keys, one for each gear
- Removed "Reverse" gear
- 6 Gear Instead of 4
- Changed default Keys from original Mod
- Rewrote the code for better performance


4a) Credits / Copyright
- Original Code from by

You may use and edit the mod at your free will.
If you, however, want to edit and re-release it, include it on one of your Mods / ModPack or in any other way re-upload it I just ask to give me a shout out and link it back to me / this mod.

Thank You for reading and using this mod,
Your suggestions, feedback and bug report is greatly appreciated.
I will considerate any suggestions to the mod and I will do my best to keep it updated and meet your needs.

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