Pegasus Cab 1.2


Place "OnlineCab.dll", "iFruitAddon2.dll" and "OnlineCab" folder into your "\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\" folder.
You will need the latest versions of Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET as well as

Latest Versions of:
- Script Hook V
- Script Hook V .NET
- LemonUI
- iFruitAddon2 - Included in the zip

- Controller Compatible
- Open Menu: Call the "Pegasus Cab" contact from your phone
- Cab Controls - Displayed on Screen

An Online Cab service from the trusted brand Pegasus is now here to compete with Downtown Cab Co. With different cab tiers ranging from economic to luxurious cabs it's finally time to make Pegasus Cabs your go-to option for all your trips.

To order a cab call the "Pegasus Cab" contact from your phone and select the type of cab you want to order.

Cab Types
I have added 6 cab types but you can customize and add more by modifing the "OnlineCabData.xml" file.

- Go Bike: Cheapest option - Bikes will spawn
- Go Mini: Cheapest 4 wheeler option - 2 door cars will spawn
- Premier: Average price 4 wheeler option - 4 door sedans will spawn
- Premier (SUV): Same as Premier but SUVs will spawn instead, a bit more pricy
- Black: Luxury Cab option - Most Expensive - Coupes / Sedans will spawn - Black color
- Black (SUV): Same as Black but SUVs will spawn instead

Cab Options
- Rush: Driver will drive more recklessly, won't stop for traffic signs and try to overtake when possible.
- Skip (Fast Travel): Just like normal Taxi skip, you'll be teleported directly to your destination. Extra $5 cost.
- Stop: You can pause the ride and exit middle of the trip if you whish.
- Update Destination: You can change your destination middle of the ride by setting a Waypoint on the map and pressing D (Keyboard).
Updating destination will also affect your final ride fare. Updated fare will be shown by notification.
- Cancel: You can cancel the ride before starting the ride from the menu, just call the "Pegasus Cab" contact and cancel from the menu.

XML Customization
- You can add / modify cab types
- Select what Vehicles will spawn
- Select what ped models to use as drivers
- Base Fare - Minimum Fare no matter the distance
- Fare Multiplier - Fare added for every 50 meter distance after the first 100 meters (Base Distance)

- Initial Release

- Bug Fixes related to cab spawning
- Better memory management

- Bike drivers now spawn with a helmet when available with model
- Added armour upgrade + bullet-proof option for cabs. Enabled for Black and Black (SUV)
- Improved the driver models and vehicles selection for all categories
- Minor bug fixes
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