Realistic Settings For Smart Fuel Mod V 21.0 1.1


Like everyone that tried Smart Fuel Mod V 21.0 know, the consume of fuel on the vehicles on that mod even decreasing the consume to the minimum is insane but the mod it self is very nice for someone that want realism or just a decent fuel system.
For me this mod is seriusly the best one i ever seen.

This mod includes the MrchaztaSmartFuelModSetting.lua changed by me for something i feel more realistic and enjoyable

The only thing i seen neccesary to change was the fuel consume rate on all vehicles wich for now i dont tried helicopter or planes but the consume should be low or atleast be enought to fly around the entire map.

Cars and motorcycles for now should consume a amount that makes more sense but like always there can be some specific vehicle that i dont tried and needs a fix.


-Download and install and follow the instructions.

-When youre done with installing it, replace the: MrchaztaSmartFuelModSetting.lua
your gta folder/scripts/addins
with the MrchaztaSmartFuelModSetting.lua by paciencia095.

-Open MrchaztaSmartFuelModSetting.lua with notepad and you'll see "smfsavepath = "C:/Users/Username/Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V/"
It's the location where the Smart Fuel Mod setting will be saved.
Change ONLY "Username” with your computer username, leave the rest
as it is.
"smfsavepath = "C:/Users/Rappo/Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V/"

NOTE: The cars amount of fuel, oils, etc, won't save if the save location isn't correct.

- Press Right Shift + Right Control + 1 (keyboard) or R1 + Xross + Left
Analog UP (Controller) to enable or disable gas station map.


-Wipers for all cars:

-Manual transmission:

-Smart fuel mod:
and for have the mod at 100% with degradable tyres

-Better graphics without insane saturation:


My channel:

ALL CREDITS GOES TO mrchazta 1feihu & Smart Fuel Mod Team FOR MAKE THIS MOD.


-1.0 First release.

-1.1 Increased slighty consume of all cars from 25 to 23, increased helicopters consume from 40 to 25, increased bikes consume from 40 to 25 and increased hybrids consume from 40 to 30.
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