Script for addon streamedpeds (female) V2.0

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Script for addon streamedped (female) V2.0:

## THANKS TO TheCrusaderYT for sharing Halloween Mod Menu Source Code (C++):

This mod works for addon streamedped Vagos(female) V5.5,addon streamedped Families(female) V5.5, addon streamedped random pale woman.

This mod add: -Binco clothes shop.
-Makeup "shop".
-Presets outfit (icones like Vice city system ).
-kustomped Menu, where you can save personal outfit, Money an Postion
-Movement clipset related to shoes.
-Working "independant" money system.


-addon streamedped Vagos(female) V5.5 / or addon streamedped Families(female) V5.5 / or addon streamedped: random pale womanV5.5.



-A mod that allow weapons saving, because my mod does not save weapons.


Follow readme file.

How to use this mod:

-Press ALT+NUMPAD1 to change current model to "kustomped" and to load money and saved coords.(This key will open characterswapmenu and change ped hash to franklin hash automaticaly).
(PS: Do not change Characterswapmenu hotkey(F8) ).

-Press E or Right Dpad to open shop menus.

-Press CTRL+M or SQUARE+DOWN Dpad to open main menu ("kustomped menu"); (Inside this menu you can save outfit,money and coords).

-I recommend to use makeup "shop" menu to change makeup instead of other modmenus
because my mod saves some values.(like nails color etc..).

Simple update for addon streamedped V5.5.

thats all. =)

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