Sweet Phil's Slow Motion Plugin [.NET] v1.3


Sweet Phil's Slow Motion Plugin

OUTDATED: Gamepad is now supported thanks to my Controller Companion! Look HERE for more information

This is a simple plugin that will allow you to adjust the game's timescale IN-GAME with an easy to use menu.


  • Easy to use menu
  • Adjust the game's timescale (speeding up and slowing down the time)
  • Reset the game's timescale
  • Choose a timescale and save it!
  • Toggle your saved timescale whenever you want to with N

New Features Since V1.1!
  • Say hello to SlowAim!
  • Save the timescale for SlowAim.
  • Toggle SlowAim

New Features Since V1.2!
  • Toggle Fast Player! (The slower the time goes, the faster you run! (*) )
  • Key Configuration! (In-game and in a .ini file)

New Since Patch V1.2_01!
  • You can now change the buttons in a config file. You can of course still change them in game too. (**)
  • Synchronize INI button.
  • [BUG FIX] Fixed bug where menu down and select button would still work when the menu wasn't enabled.
  • Revolutionary feature: cinematic 30 fps menu up button! (Just a button to go up the menu.)

New Since HotFix V1.3!
  • Completely new menu
  • Ini reader bugfix
  • removed: in-game key configuration

(*) The "Fast Player" mode only has a noticable effect above timescale 0.5 due to GTA V's native limitations.


ScriptHookV is required. Grab it from HERE
ScriptHookVDotNet is required. Grab it from HERE
.NET Framework 4.5 is required.
NativeUI is required. Grab it from HERE

1) If you haven't already, create a folder named "scripts" in your GTAV directory.
2) Place the dll + .ini files in that folder.
3) Run GTA. Look below on how to use this mod.

How to use

Press B to toggle the menu.

[for dll with INI integration]
Go down the menu with Numpad 2.
Go up the menu with Numpad 8.
[for dll without INI integration]
Go down the menu with Numpad 8

Select with Numpad 5.

If you've saved a timescale, you can toggle this timescale with N.

You can configure these buttons in-game or in the sweetphilsslowmotion.ini file. For more information on key codes look HERE

Enjoy the mod!

I'm open for suggestions on how to improve this simple mod! If you have any suggestions, please tell me in the comments and I'll be happy to improve this mod.
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