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Weapons Are Scary Mod

To everybody, I am alive, I do not do mod for gta 5 anymore. Have lot of work in my personnal life. And this why I didn't update most of my mods for years. Glad the mods worked for some, sorry for the others who couldn't get it to work or encountered glitches or crash. Maybe I will mod GTA 6 if it ever come to exist. Take care guys!

All firearm will panic pedestrians.
When you get to a certain distance from a pedestrian he will look at you first, not knowing what your intention are, if you get too close he will now be scared.
If a cop see you armed you will get 1 star and the cop will attempt to arrest you first.
Depending on the RelationShip with the player, they will attack or aim at you or flee.

Unzip '' into the 'scripts' folder.
If the 'scripts' folder doesn't exist make sure the requirements are installed.
If the requirements are installed and you're still not seeing a 'scripts' folder then just create one.

Update settings into the mod XML file.
- ModEnabled
default: true
Toggle if the mod will load or not.
- PeopleInVehicle
default: false
Toggle that people in vehicle will detect that you are armed (for crazy chaos set to true).
- Distance
default: 20
The distance a person can see you.

  • Automatically disabled during mission.
  • People line of sigh is now fixed, they can't see through wall anymore.
  • Removed the settings Angle, since the native function is doing it automatically.

  • Added a setting to remove the 'mod reloaded' notification.
  • Should now be compatible with LSPDFR, the mod check if you model is a cops model.
  • People will look at you first and if you get too close will be scared!
  • Animation are supposed to be smoother, mean that ped with finish their action smoothly before reacting. (That was the only solution to remove the glitchy animations.
  • The strip-club Bouncer shouldn't be bugged anymore, should not react to your weapon either.
  • People shouldn't be scared of your cellphone and any other non-firearm weapon, I need someone to test the bodyguards. (Tested and doesn't work).
  • Default settings updated.
  • Female and Male don't react the same way.
  • Huge bug were animation of friendly pedestrian wich is resetting it non stop.
  • Performance issues fixed!
  • Animation cleared instantly so pedestrian react quicker but might happen to take randomly more time (milliseconds) to even notice.

  • Peds inside an other room detect your presence, trough the walls...
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