Working Avenger in SP 11 (Peformance Fix)



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Purchasing a Avenger for Michael/Trevor/Franklin
In the 10.0 update the Avenger no longer spawns on the map for free, you have to open your phone and ring the Purchase/Modify Command Center Contact, after this a menu will apear then enter the Purchase a Command Center Menu, after this there will be 3 options, 1 for MOC, one for Avenger and 1 for Terrobyte, to purchase and avenger click on the Avenger button and your Avenger for the character that you are playing as will spawn around you.

Reset Avenger Position or Reset Ownership
If your Avenger ends up in a place you cant access it you can reset its position to around the player by calling the Purchase/Modify Command Center Contact, after the menu appears go into Options Menu and into Reset Vehicle Save Positions, from the list choose the character that your playing as then hit "Avenger - Working Avenger Mod" Button. If your wanting to set to unowned again, you can open the "Remove Ownership Options" Menu, choose the character you are from the list then hit "Avenger - Working Avenger Mod" Button, and your Avenger will be deleted and set to unowned, allowing you to purchase a new one straight away.

When in the Avenger Press the horn (H) to open the menu

to save a vehicle inside the Cargo by open the cargo bay doors and drive a vehicle into it and press H again

Drop files in zip into scripts folder, if you dont have a scripts folder create one, drag and drop lemonUI for SHVDN2 (DLL and PDB) in scripts, install scripthookvdotnet and Scripthookv, download and install Open Command Center Interiors put files in zip again

Required Mods
LemonUI for SHVDN2
Enable all interiors

Major Overhual
***MOC/Terrboyte/Avenger ***added drive/fly to waypoint, ability to enter cargo bay while in autopilot and use turrets as well as alot more
***MOC*** Trailer now automatically reattaches its self when falling of in autopilot
***Terrboyte*** Sam Missile Launcher can now lock onto upto 6 targets and fire multiple missiles at the same target
***MOC/Terrboyte/Avenger *** all markers now scaled down to 0.65x0.65x0.45
***MOC/Terrboyte/Avenger *** Color of blip now syncs with players color
***MOC/Terrboyte/Avenger *** Purchasable via the Command Helper
***MOC/Terrboyte/Avenger *** Each Character has their own MOC/Terrboyte/Avenger

modified Marker & Blip Color so they can be changed via the Driver seat of Avenger
reoganised Vehcle Purchase Menu
Converted mod over to LemonUI no longer need to use NativeUI
removed gunlocker from avenger and readded into HKHModHelper
added ability to change MK2 livery tints through gunlocker
added added ability to sit on Avenger Chairs to opperate turrets, upgrades are controlled by Open Command Center Interiors mod
Added new menu to purchase any vehicle
fixed minor bugs
3.3 (Major Overhaul Part B)
added new Entrance to Avenger
added Interior controlled turrets

fixed multiple errors and crashes
multiple Bug fixes
Added New Options
Fixed compatibility with Gunrunning Business and Doomsday Heist Business
Drop Dll and INi into Scripts folder

added gun locker
added ability to choose from 8 of the gunrunning vehicles and 4 of the doomsday Heist Vehicles
Added partial Customization of Avenger (Livery, Weapons)
Added compatibility with Doomsday Heist Business Mod (Coming Soon)
Fixed issue of some vehicles not gettng save properly (no mods attached)
initial release
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