Motivo del baneo: banned for insulting staff, repeatedly and reposting 5Mods uploads without authorization
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  • 3411be alex9581

    I’ll say ours, that fag who deletes my comments, I fucked his mouth!
    Fucking fagot! I am sure that he even has nothing to say in response.
    Fucking fuck ... when spammers or fagots repost, he doeseven understand what the bitch is.
    This is probably "ReNNie" or ikt with a big lively face.
    Fucking fuck ... when spammers or fagots repost, he doeseven understand what the bitch is.
    This is probably "ReNNie" or ikt with a big lively face.
    I took a screenshot of all my comments ..

    3 de enero de 2021
  • 3411be alex9581

    dude. You swung too much. ROFLMAO
    When you convert at least look at the original photos in real life. OK?
    Where should carbon be and where shouldn't it be?

    3 de enero de 2021
  • 3411be alex9581

    on your site some moderators delete my comments? It is very unexpected when you help people.
    It's a pity I don't know who deleted my comment and on what basis. This is not very beautiful.
    I really want to know which of the moderators removes my comments without a trace.
    Look, if you read my comments, you will be offended that many people took my textures, many without my permission, but I am not talking about that now. Now I want to know from the log file. Who removes my comments without a trace.

    3 de enero de 2021
  • 3411be alex9581

    @Officer Wade
    Is the problem on your side? First you need to properly configure the mods folder.
    You need to copy the entire original game to the mods folder.
    Next, install the modified gamecofig for your version of the game and all the necessary scripts.
    Next, install the .OIV installer from my link.

    3 de enero de 2021
  • 3411be alex9581
  • 3411be alex9581
  • 3411be alex9581

    I didn't have the patience.

    This person has STEALED all the best MY personal textures from all my mods and SELLS THEM FOR MONEY.

    People who bought this fucking pack -pishut here on the site in the material that the author of these textures that fucking freak.

    Do you understand me? Is this a man? It's a piece of fucking shit.
    All the textures that he stole from me I DRAWED with my own hands from scratch.

    In a lot of materials I read this shit about the texture pack from SCRAT.

    What the FUCK? I ask you to hide or better remove all his mods.

    Because each of his mods have my textures.
    I did not give him and do not give my permission to use them.
    This is a complete violation of the law and my copyright.
    I give my textures to many and allow them.

    I am not a greedy person, I help many people.
    The person under the nickname is strictly FORBIDDEN to take my textures.

    Since you are in the administration of this site, PLEASE CONTACT THE THIEF!

    It is necessary to remove all my textures from mods from ""SCRAT""..

    Thank you for understanding.

    And I'm sorry, I just don't have enough hatred for such filth.

    8 de noviembre de 2020
  • 3411be alex9581

    Not at all. Good fun)
    Already done all lods and indicators.
    livery will be extra link with instructions.
    I will add extra texture to the archive with less dirt.
    No problems.
    If possible, please delete my comment above.. #comment-1718728
    Sorry and thanks.
    @razera Update coming soon. thanks

    21 de octubre de 2020
  • 3411be alex9581

    Yes, I don't care what you don't like.
    Or that you don't need livery.

    Who needs that will download. Is this the policy on that site lately?
    Your rating is three stars .. Of course. You probably think you can do better than me?
    Show that you know how to do. Did you make at least one mod from scratch?
    Nothing you have not done for the community.
    They don't put a flag here "Featured" -for other reasons. Political perhaps?..
    Or because things too jealous that you do not know how.

    You already understand what it is UV-MAP?
    When I learned how to do mapping, there weren't even rumors about the release of GTA 5.
    You will tell me about mapping here. You began to think too highly of yourself.

    Watch and learn.

    Mapping with one suture. Not many people know how to do this.
    In the game, even at the maximum contamination it will be seen the lights.

    The gray tire glitters because it is in real life.
    I did it on purpose.

    20 de octubre de 2020
  • 3411be alex9581

    @mortid uv-map windows. It's very simple.

    6 de octubre de 2020